Love on the Ground

Love on the Ground

Two actresses fall prey to the supernatural manipulations of a nightclub magician.

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Love on the Ground torrent reviews

Mohammed A (br) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Tiffany H (gb) wrote: not the greatest movie..but not Horrible

Russell W (ru) wrote: A tale of an extreme case of Erotomania may be mislead from the beginning. At the beginning, audiences are expecting a "chick flick" due to the lighthearted Angelique (Tautou) getting a rose for her "lover" Loic (Bihan). Loic, already being married, is a heart doctor who has his wife expecting. However, the baby becomes a miscarriage, and he goes to comfort his wife instead of going to a planned trip to Italy with Angelique (she planned it, not him). Angelique never finds Loic, leading her in her decent into madness.About 25 minutes into the movie, and it becomes psychological thriller rather than a romantic comedy. It only gets creepier after that. Angelique stalks Loic and draws pictures of him doing just about every daily activity, causes a fatal heart attack with a patient, and creates murals of him out of garbage and *$PO1LL3R$!!!! pills.* Honestly, the movie wasn't BAD, but it was misleading. And, frankly, I don't like movies that mislead too much.

Shannon R (br) wrote: It's no Silence of the Lambs or even Seven. That said, I'd put this in the "if you have nothing better to do you won't regret watching it that much category".

Deadly V (kr) wrote: Great film noir with outstanding performances by all players.

Annie C (ag) wrote: It is an interesting story, full of suspense. At a seat you'll want to watch all seasons. Its always a never miss movie.

Gabriel C (nl) wrote: It might be a familiar rise-to the-top story, but Pitch Perfect is still infectiously funny and it makes you wanna smile.