Love Ranch

Love Ranch

Story of a couple that starts the first legal brothel in Nevada and a boxer they own a piece of.

A drama centered around a married couple who opened the first legal brothel in Nevada. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike L (gb) wrote: So cheesy. If Merriman and Duff are trying to start decent careers for themselves they need to avoid another movie like this one. Sort of a 'Wrong Turn' scenario and idea that was just cheaply done and badly acted. Way too many 'let's stand around and scream while we should be running' moments and every other lame horror cliche you can think of, complete the 'let's kiss and fall in love before we die' moment...It was painful to sit through...

Hunter S (de) wrote: Over hyped retarted not funny

Donal O (us) wrote: What a legend she was.....played oustandingly well by Cate Blanchett!!!!!

Billy C (ag) wrote: Great coming of age film

Jesse K (es) wrote: Do not pay attention to the rating. I don't think I can rate this movie at all. It's bleak, depressing, disturbing and nightmarish. It's realistic, brutal and intense. In my opinion, Threads is a horror movie. I can't say I loved it but I can say it was an extraordinary effort to capture a reality I never EVER want to face.

Richard M (jp) wrote: Ride me but this is a poor film. The fact that it was shot in 1980 doesn't excuse the poor production values, wooden acting, farcical combat scenes and tedious plot. The wardrobe and props are sub-par even for LARP, let alone cinema. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that there are in fact LARP videos somewhere on YouTube that provide more entertainment than this dross.

James H (it) wrote: Better than I was expecting. The acting isn?t very good, but the story line wasn?t bad. It?s pretty low budget and it has plenty of cliche's. Poor score.

Harsh C (au) wrote: Long and stupid story full of lucky coincidences and inexplicable behaviour

Leena L (ru) wrote: Only saw the second half of the film, but was impressed of the volume of the dancers and piano players on stage. Found it ridiculous though that the mother in the film seems a lot younger than the man supposedly marrying his daughter..... And the finale, the never ending song piece could have been, well, shorter.

Melissa S (fr) wrote: DO NOT WATCH THIS. seriously a huge waste of time. It was extremely hard to sit through, and somewhat of a hangover copycat. It had some fun ideas that could be used well, but it was kind of awkward to watch, and not enjoyable at all really. Best night ever ? Turned out to be quite the opposite for me.

Pete K (mx) wrote: So good! Don't listen to the critics. This is one you'll want to see with the guys.

Greg P (es) wrote: Let's just put it this way. This movie had a log way to go before it saw the light. Phillip Seymour Hoffman was fantastic. He depressed the hell out of me, but he was seriously really good. The movie is sad. I continuously pictured Hoffman exactly like his character when he passed away. It's hard to glass full it when you're dragging that thought for and hour and a half. It was an interesting film but went no where. Not even a little bit. If I had to say something good about this film, besides the actors, it would be this film killed every single character that you wanted them to die. The film is not worth your time. Even if you are retired and living in Florida. Good watching!

David P (kr) wrote: Not for me, but it does it what it needs to, to keep the story going for fans

Oskar B (es) wrote: Another worthless comedy that has some entertaining parts delivered through Thorntons character. Nothing special.