Love Rites

Love Rites

A man meets a prostitute who takes him to a boudoir.

A man meets a prostitute who takes him to a boudoir. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Love Rites torrent reviews

Sara J (mx) wrote: This is our world, ladies & gentlemen~ ..yes the movie is fiction, but pretty dang close to reality~

Dante B (gb) wrote: runs for a while, but its very informative

Yoosik O (ru) wrote: An excellent modern take of Cinderella. Tsai Chin is wonderful and ken Leung excellent as always. But overall it is a real downer. She goes thru hell thru most of the film, and it can be very gut wrenching at times. Hard to sit thru...

Jordan S (ru) wrote: More forgettable shlock.....

Jehangir A (br) wrote: slow start... only last 10 mins are really comedy..

Matt B (jp) wrote: Absolutely fantabulous! It has the right blend of Japanese insanity and twisted comedy, had me in stitches throughout..

J M (de) wrote: "It Was Entertaining In A Superman Over The Top Style"**** 1/4The Plot: Is Sub-Standardly Cheesy, The Writing For The Characters (At least 97% Of Them)Is Bad, & The Drama Acting At The Beginning & 7% into The Movie Well In Some Ways Maybe Similar To Real Life Does Not Fly On The Big Screen & Most Dvd Viewers Will Fast Forward Through It. The Colorado Seating Back Ground Is Pretty & The Martial Arts Action Is Sure To Entertain An Action Movie Fan. Even Though Ryback Was As Over The Top As"Superman"Bottom Line - This Is The Type Of Movie That One Goes To See Purely For The Action.~I Give This Film A B- (Bright) **** 1/4

p b (ag) wrote: Let me summarize it; boring.

Camille L (nl) wrote: Fire in the Sky est un de ces films qui semble n'tre que du build-up pour rien au final. Or, malgr tout le temps que le film de Robert Lieberman passe montrer six bcherons souponns de meurtre de l'un d'entre eux alors que celui-ci aurait t enlev par les extraterrestres, Fire in the Sky marche plutt bien parce qu'il offre le big payoff qu'on attendait. Et ce payoff est absolument gnial, sept minutes de pure terreur et d'incomprhension. La vision de Lieberman est originale et c'est alors extrmement dommage qu'il ne soit pas aussi dou pour les scnes sur Terre. Robert Patrick, D.B. Sweeney et Peter Berg sont excellents, les autres beaucoup moins. Fire In the Sky est une sympathique surprise.

Eric J (mx) wrote: Had a few good laughs but basically a rip-off of "Broadcast News"

Ryan H (gb) wrote: old school...martial arts , super hero. Great classic.

Ricky D (de) wrote: The lead character is so fun to watch, the rest of them are ehh. The plot drives the movie and none of the characters care for their environment. It is merely a story for story's sake.

Orlok W (nl) wrote: Danny Kaye plays a set of twins, a bookworm and a nightclub comic. When Buzzy Belew, the comic is murdered by the mob, his spirit goes to see his brother Edwin dingle... Brilliant effects for the time and great fun to watch--Danny Kaye's second film with Sam Goldwyn gave his usual lavish production and gave Kaye two leading ladies. How lucky can a guy get working for the first time with both Vera-Ellen and Virginia Mayo. One love for each of his twin personas... Twin Spin!!

Spencer H (br) wrote: An underrated adventure movie, The Adventures of Tintin is a fun movie a lot like the Indiana Jones movies.

bill s (us) wrote: I wish I could have been exorcised out of this movie after the first five minutes.