Love, Rosie

Love, Rosie

Rosie and Alex are best friends. They are suddenly separated when Alex and his family move from Dublin to America. Can their friendship survive years and miles? Will they gamble everything for true love?

Rosie and Alex have been best friends since they were 5. When they grow up, they have their own romance with others and even gets engaged and married. But after all of unsmooth relationship, they figure out that both of them has considered the other much more than a friend so far. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wwe S (mx) wrote: This is my favourite

Tony S (it) wrote: The movie was a bore in the beginning then it made me keep asking myself, what's next? The ending disappointed me, but other than that it is worth the watch if you're patient that is.

Keia H (ru) wrote: Seems like a big struggle of life...but seems like a typical story...

Stacy G (ag) wrote: Not a well-known movie but it is definitely one of my Top 5. I could watch it over and over again. I wish some of the actors would pursue acting instead of just ballet. They're all very good! :)

Eric J (es) wrote: Its a Ridiculous Movie That goes way over the top and way to unrealistic for its story and has some of the most goofy acting you can get in a film, "Thumbs Down".

luke v (it) wrote: this is a ok sequel I've seen a lot worse movie sequels, but it is pretty scary with creepy scenes (and that weird creepy guy which good is a pretty good villain) so if you want to continue the series I guess check it out...

Miguel A (fr) wrote: partida "Les Valseuses" merece o seu enquadramento na muito francfona linhagem de filmes de "uma mulher entre dois homens" ("mnage trois", se preferirem). Alis, as suas semelhanas com "Jules et Jim" anulam qualquer margem de erro: "Les Valseuses" um filme directamente inspirado pela nova vaga francesa e conduzido com uma ambiguidade que oscila entre a comdia e o drama sem nunca assentar num s gnero. A prioridade aqui passa por perseguir as aventuras de dois protagonistas famintos de experincias sexuais e constantemente destabilizados pela presena de uma mulher. A unir "Les Valseuses" e "Jules et Jim" h tambm a presena de uma Jeanne Moreau que demasiado bonita para se preocupar com a fragilidade to assumida do papel que lhe oferecido. A mulher, em "Les Valseuses", acaba por ser o nico elemento capaz de trazer alguma concentrao e inteligncia s digresses imbecis dos seus protagonistas (sendo que um deles levou um tiro de raspo no testculo esquerdo e isso deixa-o insuportvel). No que toca ao (des)equilbrio dos sexos no tringulo, a frmula de Bertrand Blier no andar longe da que foi mais tarde reaproveitada em "Stranger than Paradise" ou "Y tu Mama Tambien". Mas, apesar de toda esta significncia, "Les Valseuses" tem sobre si o peso dos filmes datados da dcada de 70 e um argumento gasto e escasso em rasgos de inspirao. Tem, alm disso, a sombra de um machismo que - mesmo fazendo parte da crtica social - chega a ser puramente desagradvel, gratuito e abusado.

Craig C (es) wrote: Gerry Anderson's wildly derivative answer to Kubrick's 2001. The actors and props get recycled for 1970's short-lived UFO series. For hardcore fans of Gerry Anderson and Space:1999 ONLY!

Andy S (ag) wrote: quite possibly my absolute favorite of Cohen's films. Michael Moriarty is in top shape here, with strong support from Shaft and Kwai Chang Cain. and David Allen's stop-motion Quetzalcoatl is awesome. kudos, all around. and no, kids. this is NOT a "bad" movie. get over yourselves. Larry Cohen is a master. and this film will make you a believer.

Jamie I (br) wrote: Adam Sandler = Sex symbol. That should be hilarity in and of itself. He did work up a nice sex of abs for this flick. Or maybe he always had them. Who knows? Anyway, any time John Turturro does comedy is a good time. He plays Zohan's arch nemesis The Phantom who is just as outrageous as Zohan. This flick is not much of a thinker but it's funny and fun. Recommended.

Betty B (mx) wrote: To save a life was a very touching story that had many wonderful lessons in it. The content was in my opinion very risky with it openly talking about suicide and religion. It was a very good watch and I would highly suggest watching it.