Love's Brother

Love's Brother

Set in rural Australia and Tuscany in the 1950's, this is the story of two brothers and the bride who - as fate would have it - arrives from Italy betrothed to one yet falls madly in love with the other.

Despairing of ever finding love, the insecure Angelo uses a photo of his handsome brother Gino to convince a beautiful Italian girl across the sea to marry him. Gino is delighted for Angelo... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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alex f (it) wrote: very interesting... though it was had to separate any potential bias.

Moses M (us) wrote: there's some stupid scenes but basically the movie is pretty good .

Caleb C (mx) wrote: Not horrible, but not good either. Tries really to be like Sin City but has no original style like Sin City did.

Bryan H (kr) wrote: I saw 'Redacted' years ago but just got around to commenting after watching the DVD with a friend. This is the best, most brutally honest look at the murderous farce of United States corporate driven occupation of Iraq that has ever been made. It puts the tepid, kid's gloves, one-sided sentimentality of 'Hurt Locker' to shame. And that's why it has such low general rating. It deserves 10 just for its in-your-face depiction of reality. It is a story told both too soon and right on time. How long after the senseless slaughter in Viet Nam did it take for films like Platoon, Born On The 4th Of July and Full Metal Jacket to say what everyone already knew. That we were wrong. They still haven't made the long over-due film about My Lai. When it comes to Iraq, Americans are still in the rationalization phase, not ready to deal with the fact we invaded and occupied a country that a) never did anything to us, b) didn't have the weapons Bush Inc claimed and c) we had already betrayed during the uprising following the Gulf Invasion. We are still not ready to come to grips with the fact our invasion has likely lead to the deaths of millions of innocent citizens; "sand n***ers", the latest in a long line of 'n***ers' we have dehumanized to justify the brutality of our policies. We're still lauding the films that tell us the deaths aren't our fault, that our troops are great guys doing a hard job and when something goes wrong it's just the confusion of a poorly understood situation... that our intentions are pure because we're America and that's all you need to know. This disconnect is best exemplified in a classic scene when one of the soldiers is at a celebration of his return home and his friends ask him to tell some war stories. He hesitates but they insist. Then he unleashes his true feelings about the horror and lies of Iraq and the secret that eats at his soul: the rape and murder of an Iraqi child by his fellow soldiers. There is a moment of confused silence, then in the truly disconnected style of most civvies, one of his friends offers up a toast to the "war hero" and the room applauds as the camera fades on the stricken face of a good man who was tricked into becoming a murderer. Disconnected. Desperately clinging to any rationale that will subdue the unacknowledged guilt that eats like a cancer at our national consciousness. And those who don't feel it; they are the worst among us. That's why this film was too soon. And it was right on time because if there was ever a period that this country needed to do some serious soul searching, since the days of slavery and acts of genocide against the native inhabitants of these lands... now is that time. When this film starts getting the kudos it deserves, it might indicate the soul searching is in progress. Not holding my breath.

Simon M (jp) wrote: Absolutely beautiful footage. Some really sappy writing.

Rachel F (ru) wrote: loooooooove. If you like Hum Tum you will love this movie. Great music, great story. Im not terribly happy with the ending (morally) but i still love it!

Stephen E (fr) wrote: Paul Schrader is a filmmaker whose films require strong acting in order for them to work, as they are often dialogue-heavy. He doesn't rely as much on actions or visual effects as much as he does on words, so a good cast is an absolute necessity. That's one of the reasons why "The Walker" isn't all that great. The acting often seems cold and detached, especially from Lily Tomlin, who I found to be extremely monotonous. No one seems to be as involved as they should be. Really, the only good performance here comes from Woody Harrelson. He's basically the only reason to keep watching. He creates a character so unlike anything he's done before that we're immediately interested, and he does a great job at it. Other than his performance, "The Walker" isn't anything better than average. The writing's really not even all that great either, and that's surprising for Paul Schrader, who I usually find incredibly talented. He gives us a plot, but slightly obscures it. We know what's happening, but not as well as we should, and we continuously hear about Page's past, but Schrader never really goes any more in-depth with it. The pacing isn't anything to complain about, but I won't say that I was "excited" by what was happening.

Adam P (jp) wrote: Any movie with Nolte, Shaq, and Al bundy has my vote

Mark S (au) wrote: "Streets of Fire" is one of those movies where you can forgive the cheesiness because the filmmakers have done a commendable job trying to make a movie that's unique and original. No movie has ever attempted to do a musical action-drama ("Blues Brothers" may come close, as a musical action-comedy.) The story is simple, but it inspired every beat-em-up video game that was to come afterwards. Rick Moranis is annoying in this flick, but strong performances by Michael Pare and Amy Madigan more than make up for it.

Paul D (br) wrote: An entertaining thriller on a north-sea oil rig in the Alistair McLean mould, it just doesn't have much tension in it. Roger Moore's suspicious looking beard is presumably there to try and hide his James Bond stereotype.

Harald K (kr) wrote: Welle done comic-film.

Austin L (jp) wrote: The word 'melodrama' should not be allowed to describe any film with as lasting an effect as this one's.

Keith (us) wrote: knowing this film from Scorsese's documentery. Visconti's custome drama give me a stunning look of this passionate movie a thrumb. although i kinda guessed how the story going to progress. but that's not really the point to watch this film. can wait to see "The Leopard"

mary p (de) wrote: surprising especially considering the time period

Benjamin W (ca) wrote: An impressive romance, not only in its scale and pacing, but in its reality. While the ending might not be happy for everyone, it is certainly more realistic than most of the same subject matter.

Ayke D (de) wrote: My favorite movie of all time. Colin's performance goes so well with Geoffrey's. Definitely the one I recommend the most.

Kailey O (ca) wrote: This movie was okay. I really thought Tom was a great character and I hated the ending, but it was good.

Justin B (ru) wrote: Pretty one sided story that paints Lance Armstrong as a mustache twirling villain at times. Focus's strictly on the PE drug scandal. Ben Foster disappears into Lance Armstrong and Jessie Plemons is on point as usual. Was hoping for more but over all enjoyed the film and it spells out all the major details surrounding this controversy.