Love Serenade

Love Serenade

Ken Sherry, a radio personality from Brisbane, moves to the small country town of Sun Ray to take over the local radio station as a retreat from city life and his past.He moves next door to love-starved sisters Vicki-Ann and Dimity Hurley. They are both dumbstruck by him and compete for his affections. While the attraction is by no means mutual, Ken "sleaze-bag" Sherry is more than willing to use the girls for his own sexual gratification.Vicki-Ann’s naivety leads her to believe that they will marry, meanwhile, Dimity believes him to be a fish.When Vicki-Ann’s proposal is rejected she climbs the grain silo to presumably contemplate suicide. Ken and Dimity come to talk to her and Ken ends up dying by falling off the tower- or was he pushed? The girls attempt to dispose of the body by dumping it in the river, however Dimity’s fishy theory is proved true when Ken swims off towards the horizon.

In Sunray, a backwater town on Australia's Murray River, there's little to do but fish or listen to the local radio station. D.J. Ken Sherry arrives from the hustle of Brisbane to run the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill M (de) wrote: Left the movie with a feeling that it had been funny overall but tainted from early scenes of implied gay actions that just didn't fit in with the storyline. Overuse of the F word also contributed to my negative thoughts, at one point I started to leave the theater but the last 75% of the film was very enjoyable. oh if you are going to See Kristen don't as her role is little more than that of an extra!

Sean M (it) wrote: Not as good as i thought it would be.

Brandon E (us) wrote: Definite watch if you're the BSS type, does well combining both a love story and the experience of their show. If only "All to All" was in this film.

Lane W (fr) wrote: Seduction is dangerous game that can ensnare both the seducee and seducer. This is the simple idea on which Lust, Caution is built, and once the bulkwork of the backstory is set, every detail works as an interlocking part toward this thesis. For instance, director Ang Lee disperses well-placed, subtle clues (e.g. lipstick on a glass) that make visual the tacit dialogues occurring between Wong Chia Chi and Mr. Yee. Tang Wei's precise acting, like an ambiguous post-coital smile, realize her character's difficult evolution from fixation to consternation to ultimate betrayal.

Nellie K A (gb) wrote: I already saw this movie and it was very inspirational.

Sachit T (ru) wrote: Almost perfect if not for the predictable end.

Ryan C (nl) wrote: The third installment in the quadrilogy featuring Steven Seagal, and my second favorite one. It's about John Hatcher and how his family was attacked by a Jamaican gang known as the posse. After they are he hunts them down one by one. It's a GREAT Seagal movie and one of the best action movies ever. Action packed and highly explosive. Definitely a must see for action lovers.

Cindy I (mx) wrote: A hilarious send-up -- or homage, depending on your loyalties -- of the Fab Four, written by Eric Idle of Monty Python fame. Following closely the style of A Hard Day's Night, the "Pre-Fab Four "-- Dirk, Nasty, Stig and Barry -- scamper and play jokes and make wisecracks and run from girls. Oh yeah, and they sing too. Neil Innes, also a Python alumnus (he was referred to as the 7th Python by the group) wrote all the songs and, parodies though they may be, they are really good Beatles-style tunes. If you enjoyed This is Spinal Tap or the Beatles, this film is worth your time. And it is even if you don't.

Dan K (es) wrote: Not a perfect film by a long shot, but still a really good film. Well shot and an amazing story that really catches you off guard. I really enjoyed the subtle use of soundtrack and the excellent characterization. A must see for fans of good film.

Brandon W (ag) wrote: When Harry Met Sally... is directed by Rob Reiner, and it stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in a romantic comedy about 2 people that met each other in their own car to drive to New York City, and when few years later comes in, they meet again, and the same thing goes again. After watching This is Spinal Tap, I was honestly really worried about watching this film, thinking that it'll not be a good movie, but my friend tells me to give it a chance as he really like this film, and so I did, turns out that this is a lot better in many multiple ways. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are terrific in this, and they really work well together. The conversations that they have with each other are interesting, and relatable as it talks about relationships thanks to a well written script by Nora Ephron. The humor is really funny, and when it gets serious, it gets serious, and it pays off pretty well. The movie is portrayed differently than your typical romance film, and it plays like its own thing. When Harry Met Sally... is a terrific film that leaves an impact still to this day.