Love, Sex, and Missed Connections

Love, Sex, and Missed Connections

Neal is knee deep in a quarter life crisis and trying to get over a traumatic break up by doing what anyone would do, tricking women on the Internet. His plan is going amazingly well until ...

Neal is knee deep in a quarter life crisis and trying to get over a traumatic break up by doing what anyone would do, tricking women on the Internet. His plan is going amazingly well until ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Love, Sex, and Missed Connections torrent reviews

Wes S (it) wrote: Slow paced thrill-less ride with confusing plot points and unlikable characters. In other words, typical Syfy channel movie material. Though instead of monsters, we get a slow environmental issue that isn't too exciting or threatening.

Turin C (mx) wrote: It's made extremely well and showcases the true literal and figurative hideousness of evangelicals and everything they stand for. I swear, some of the bullsh!t they say is so incredibly absurd I laughed in spite of myself because it is all read and these poor children are being abused by these mental troglodytes. It also gives an insight on the rise of American fascism and how the things that stand for it are on their way to reviving the dark agesThe only true criticism I can think of is that if you have the attention span of a four year old with ADHD it might be a tad lengthy.99/100

Stephen S (ca) wrote: A very cool film. I'm not really into foreign films, but I still loved this! Great ending, by the way...I kinda wish they'd make a sequel.

Ian E (jp) wrote: Lovable characters placed in the midst of a beautiful worldly atmosphere. It only encourages viewers to think for a little bit, but offers pure energetic escapism.

Allan C (kr) wrote: This is one Stephen King adaptation I'd never seen, though I'd always heard it wasn't very good and that rumor was right. Tim Matheson returns to his hometown as a high school teacher and then finds his childhood tormentors back from the dead and showing up in his class as students. This is territory King has mined before to great effect with "IT" and "Stand by Me" but this film felt like a cheaply made for cable USA channel flick. However, Matheson does give an earnest performance, as does Brooke Adams, who plays his wife, which does serve to ground the film. William Sanderson is also onboard and delivers a typically solid performance. Still this film would have been much better off as a 30 minute short film in "Cat's Eye" which is what it was originally planned to be instead of a feature length film.

Martin T (it) wrote: The style is kind of a New Wave/semi-documentary hybrid... seemingly quite influenced by Godard. Like Godard, it gets rather wordy at times, and not having any knowledge of the Cuban revolution I was a bit lost at times. I wasn't quite sure where Alea's sympathies lay: was I supposed to like Sergio or not? I couldn't tell, but perhaps this adds to the film's complexity. Interesting and well-done, but as someone who generally likes to keep politics out of his movies it wasn't really my bag.

Tyler E (de) wrote: This was a GOD AWFUL movie. How anyone managed to push through that unnecessarily long movie and not think "Where did my life go?" Is beyond me. Seriously, you could've cut that movie in half with all the unrelated scenes and the uncomfortable silences. It had a lot of weird cuts and jumps during parts that could've been better transitioned and there was a weird filter the whole film was in that almost gave me a headache. I know some people will say "Tyler, film is an art and should be valued as such." Okay, If the intent of your artwork was to make me dizzy, bored, and simultaneously disgusted for 2 and half hours then congratulations you did it. Please give me 2 1/2 hours of my life back please. Actually throw another 5 minutes on there for my blow-hardy review.

Jens S (gb) wrote: Hysterically funny British comedy about a funeral going wrong thanks to LSD pills, a grumpy wheel chair user, a hypochondriac and a blackmailing midget. Directed by "Yoda" Frank Oz, it combines all the known features of black and politically incorrect British humor. While it starts out somewhat slow and regular, the film burns a real firework of gags in the second half, culminating in one of the funniest and most wonderfully awkward scenes ever. The acting is accordingly excellent, with Brits either trying to keep their composure or losing it altogether. Go see this and you'll laugh tears like I did.

Leonard D (jp) wrote: Wanted to like this movie, but just became predictable and irritating to sit through. It could have been allot better if somebody in pre production actually new how to write a good script!

Logan M (fr) wrote: Will Ferrell and Adam McKay follow up "Anchorman" with this pretty solid satirical comedy.