Love Sick Love

Love Sick Love

Dori and Norman, two stunning and sophisticated serial daters, are destined to endure a terrifying journey through perfect couple-hood: Valentine's, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and New Year. Except with psychopath Dori, it all needs to take place over one weekend deep in the isolated countryside far from help. "Love Sick Love" is a complex and suspenseful journey into the darker side of love.

A 'boy meets girl' romance that quickly turns into a twisted thriller. Dori, a sexy siren, traps Norman, a slick New York businessman, and forces him to live through a year of holidays to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Monet J (ca) wrote: It was a good movie but not Don Cheadle's best movie.

Lee R (ca) wrote: The only reason I'm awarding this 2 and a half stars is because of Bruce Campbell's typically manic performance saving it from being a complete used bog brush of a movie. Not one of the chins best movies.

Miranda C (br) wrote: i saw this movie on the guide on our satellite, and i only turned it on cuz my civics teacher had talked about it earlier that wasnt a bad movie, all in all, considering this is based on something that happened in the 1930's.

Michael H (de) wrote: This sequel to the Police Academy is the weakest one yet. The story follows the Moronic Recruits as they train citizens to become crime aware. Cpt. Harris is all negative and thinks its a bad idea. The film has fewer laughes and more stuff we do not want. The climax is good like the last one but there isnt anything else that could make this film better.I have a bad feeling about the next 3.69/100 C+

Michael W (us) wrote: Police Academy clone, with group of misfits forced into traffic school. Many of the jokes are topical for 1985 and desperate enough to bring in Clara (Where's The Beef?) Peller for a cheap laugh. John Murray not quite on the same level as his brother Bill.

tim g (fr) wrote: where was the leprechaun very poor poor movie you just killed the leprechaun series good job goobers...

Markkyle R (ag) wrote: Frank Martin kicks ass