Love Streams

Love Streams

Two closely bound, emotionally wounded siblings reunite after years apart.

Suffering from divorce, Sarah Lawson visits her brother Robert, only finding that he has became a playboy who is made of cigarettes, alcohol, and sexual relationships. As a result, she tries to curb the self-destruction of Robert's life while deal with her own depression. Meanwhile, Robert struggles between his desire to protect his sister and his care-free life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Love Streams torrent reviews

Osman A (de) wrote: Excellent Excellent movie

Jerome P (us) wrote: Political thriller with heavyweight actors? Sign me up!

Paul D (br) wrote: This fails as a horror movie. It tries to be scary and disturbing, but I really had a hard time caring. I am huge a fan of Alexandra Daddario, and while she looked amazing in this, she really should not of had to do this. Also, Michael Biehn was fairly pointless in this too. I would recommend that you skip this one.

Jessica W (fr) wrote: Disturbingly quiet and tensely slow. The protagonist is an almost silent tormented soul. A genuine character. Full of bottled emotion, unspoken events and secrets that restrain living. Beautiful Australian film thats stands out from the rest.

Fernando D (us) wrote: A whole new meaning to a glory hole

Heather D (ru) wrote: A Brilliant Movie that'll make u cry and laugh!

Jill F (us) wrote: great movie. rodney was very funny and sad he isn't here! this is not a common movie whatsoever, but a must see! check it out, it's hard to find.

Francisco S (jp) wrote: Gremlins 2 is a totally unnecessary sequel, whose screenplay is horrible, the plot is boring, none actor stands out, it isn't original, but is predictable and detestable.

Tof M (fr) wrote: film avec l'blouissante sharon tate!

Julien E (ca) wrote: Considr comme le premier film de zombie ralis, White Zombie est correct. Un bon Lugosi qui possde tout de mme ses dfauts.

Jamie I (fr) wrote: The film is different from the short story. Rightly so, I mean there's only a little to build on in the story. In the film, Mike Enslin (John Cusack) lost his daughter. There's that whole family element as a background. What I remember VIVIDLY are the paintings in room 1408. They were there in all their glory. I'm glad about that. At one point in the movie Enslin gets out of 1408 (this doesn't happen in the story) and I was furious. Furious! They had me. He never really got out. Thanks goodness there. I remember being more creeped out by the story maybe "because nothing is as good as you can imagine it." In the end the film stayed true to the story. Disclaimer: I've always thought Cusack to be a very talented actor. This movie only emphasizes that fact. About ninety percent of the time Cusack was the only actor on the screen. He had to carry this film. My favorite part is when he is talking to mini Olin (the hotel manager, fucking Sam Jackson) in the mini fridge. Only there is no one in the fridge (obviously) only drinks and snacks and Cusack screams frantically at the snacks. I remember thinking "crazy." Fantastic job Cusack. In the end think I'll recommend this.

Adam R (au) wrote: An intriguing film about a man fed up with the world. Michael Douglas is astonishing in the role. (First and only viewing - 8/15/2014)

Dave B (de) wrote: This Lifetime television movie is warm and kind-hearted, which works well for a Christmas movie. It's not particularly original or startling, but it does what it does fine (and has a few hilarious scenes, thanks mainly to Dixie Carter).