Love Struck

Love Struck


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Love Struck torrent reviews

intuciic (es) wrote: strange romantic movie..

Derek W (kr) wrote: A pulse-pounding thriller held back by sub-par special effects and its abundance of action over plot.

Ileana A (mx) wrote: Me watching this... NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Having together these two vains in a movie makes me sick!

Dan G (jp) wrote: I'm sorry to say, this is a bit of a typical drama, and has the same feeling as dozens of other movies. Yet, it still worth watching, and a massive attack score to match it became worth the while.

Andreas C (br) wrote: En bra "gangstafilm", med temat "one man standing". Fr vl "Niobollars" att verka lite hftigare n det r i verkligheten.

Michael M (kr) wrote: Angelina was still en fuego back then but that's literally the only thing going for this dud. Boo Netflix.

Vincent G (de) wrote: I love friendship films like this one

Andrew O (fr) wrote: A clever and extremely stylish flick that uses eccentric cinematography and lighting to highlight it's sci-fi horror ideas.

Jesse M (gb) wrote: Beautiful. In my limited exposure to martial arts epics, this is the gold standard.

Senor C (it) wrote: Honeymoon truly misrepresents itself; its poster markets it as a horror flix & its trailer makes it look fairly taunt but it's really just a lame thriller that has fallen into obscurity & should stay there. The direction is terrible where you have Nathalie Baye walking (or running) around Montreal trying to pass itself off as New York (& soft focused to try to pull the wool over the viewers eyes). John Shea seems like a nice guy (a little obsessive but a nice guy none the less) & when he goes psycho it doesn't quite mesh. Shamefully I used to have the poster for this briefly on my wall as a teenager because they gave it away for free from my local video store but in my defense I had never seen it..if I had I would have burned it

Paul C (ag) wrote: A really unusual and excellent western with Robert Taylor on typically stoic form and an early scene-stealing turn from John Cassavettes as his sociopathic younger brother!

Richard D (ru) wrote: A carpe diem plot. I wasn't quite as impressed with this film as many people seem to be, mainly in that the plot seemed too formulaic even for 1952. Also their was too much negativity for the plot to make a more transcendent optimistic point, which may not have been intentional. What still makes it a great film is the acting and originality of the characters and dialogue, along with historical and cultural context.

Conan 3 (ca) wrote: Action plus. Plot is ok. Excellent Saturday night movie. Teen boys enjoyed it as much as I did. B2?

Emily S (es) wrote: It was okay. The only time I actually laughed out loud was when Justin T. was carried off the the Hollywood sign with the help of a helicopter. Other than that it was just a typical rom com.

Samuel M (gb) wrote: Divertida y sin pretensiones. Un thriller algo naive, pero que gracias a la particularidad de su protagonista, como especialista en efectos, hace que sea ms fresco que los de la poca. Eso s, es difcil tomarse en serio la trama y prcticamente todo los personajes que aparecen.Puro disfrute.

Andrew O (gb) wrote: While few of the characters aren't much more than a series of quirks, the Coens manage to make a very appealing and very smart and interesting take on "The Odyssey" in this folk musical.

Chastin M (kr) wrote: It's as important as it is powerful.