Love Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor

A robbery victim moves to a gated community for solace and peace of mind -- only to find her darkest fears realized -- in this made-for-Lifetime thriller. Baywatch's Alexandra Paul stars as...

A robbery victim moves to a gated community for solace and peace of mind -- only to find her darkest fears realized -- in this made-for-Lifetime thriller. Baywatch's Alexandra Paul stars as... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric J (br) wrote: The movie is just violence. First, killing a puppy is not exciting. Secondly, the fighting moves that John (Keanu) are unrealistic or better total fantasy and it was done very sloppily.

Ricardo R (ca) wrote: It's been a while since I've seen an action movie with such a good story line that manages to keep you in suspense. I had the opportunity to see it at the Orlando Film Festival. Not knowing anything about it, I'm honored to have had the chance to walk in and be entertained and inspired for an hour and a half. "La Hora Cero" is a perfect combination of great acting, humor and thriller, interesting shots, and an edit that tells a story in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat. This is one of the most memorable and epic movies I saw this year.

Luca D (es) wrote: Un film fatto tecnicamente molto bene, superiore ai soliti film italiani. I costumi e l'ambientazione sono perfetti, la regia invece offre spunti originali (intramezzare il girato con video d'epoca, gli slogan interventisti etc), ma non offre nulla per quanto riguarda le inquadrature etc. Mostra l'ascesa del fascismo e quel lato oscuro che non si conosce del Duce, cioe' la moglie e il figlio ripudiati, ma personalmente non trovo l'argomento di particolare interesse e il film non aiuta ad emozionarmi (parte bene ma poi risulta un po' troppo lungo, o troppo lento verso la fine, vedete voi).

Travis C (kr) wrote: I've actually seen this on one of the movie channels a few years ago. So, are they releasing it to theaters again? Or was it one of those straight to DVD movies that has created a large enough fan-base they release it to the theaters to make more money?

Serge L (de) wrote: The film goes from one relationship to the next. There is a progression that feels like destiny, or the inescapable rather. The actors are excellent, conveying all feelings very accurately. The women are incredibly beautiful, as usual with Aldomovar. This is a somewhat dramatic story but I found it equally hilarious many times. It is a tragi-comedy with a beautifully curved body. Impeccable work.

Anna Q (nl) wrote: Edward Norton would get me into church. Just sayin'.

Joe G (ru) wrote: Ok, maybe 5 stars is a bit much, but come on! Show me a more bad ass film then this. You've got a gimp vs a fucking blind nazi (yes, I get the swastika is a buddhist symbol). And they aren't even the only badasses on the block! you've also got stretch-o, who inspired street fighters Dahlsim, foul thai fighter, who dances before every fight, "Wins without a knife", who actually has a knife, and so many more. The tournament sequence is the most badass sequence in cinema history. I'm actually surprised they managed to capture it on film without the film going up is flames. If that all wasn't enough, the english dub is Hi-Lary-Us! Man, it's such a great guilty pleasure film.

Jonathon C (gb) wrote: No screen actress has ever suffered so brilliantly as Bette Davis....and she does so with perfection in this mov ie.

Steve M (it) wrote: When a nightclub owner Gregory Benez (Lugosi) frames the brother of Postal Inspector Bill Davis (Cortez) for stealing a shipment of three million dollars, he discovers it doesn't pay to mess with the US Postal Service! A somewhat overblown melodrama that is filled with entirely too many speeches about the importance and wonderful nature of the mail carriers and the federal law enforcement officers who investigate mail fraud, "Postal Inspector" is of foremost interest in the way it demonstrates how things that were thrilling to audiences in the 1930s are commonplace today. For example, the "tense" sequence with the plane landing in the fog isn't really all that dramatic in an age where flying is probably more commonplace than driving across country. The acting is decent, the story's pace is quick--even taking into account the hokey and repative declarations about the mighty Postal Service--and the action is acceptable. The interesting "triangle" between Bill, nightclub singer Connie (Ellis), and Bill's brother Charlie (Loring) is also an interesting aspect to the film; the two men aren't competing for the woman, but she is coming between their brotherly love, as Bill is convinced that she is an active participant in Benez's scheme. Lugosi's character is an intersting one. Unlike most of the bad guys he played in his career, the character here is more desperate than actively corrupt--even if Postal Inspector Bill seems to suspect him of something from the get-go. (That's one aspect that makes Bill an unlikable character to the modern viewer; he seems to suspect Benez of being a criminal for no reason other than he's a "dirty fer'ner." Bill never expresses this opinion, but its hard to see what other motivation he may have. it turns out he's [i]right[/i], but when he first voices his suspicions, he really has nothing to base them on.) One element of the film that annoyed me more than it might others was the way the postal inspectors played with mail fraud evidence and used items to pick on one particular member of the staff. I know it was supposed to be funny, and maybe it was the manager in me, but all I could think about was how fired those guys would be if the target of their abuse went up the chain. But, I suspect few will have that sort of reaction to those scenes. All in all, I think "Postal Inspector" is a movie that time has passed by. It's well enough put together to be an interesting historical artifact, but it isn't much more than that. Check it out when you've seen the rest of what the Bela Lugosi catalogue contains. Postal Inspector Starring: Ricardo Cortez, Patricia Ellis, Michael Loring, and Bela Lugosi Director: Otto Brower

Michael H (jp) wrote: Adele, Two Idiots, A Horny Farther, A Bacholer, A Girl With A Dragon Tattoo, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, A Short Guy, Two Idiot Ghosts Hunters, A Australian Ghost, Two Lesbians, Two Lesbians in a Shower, Alice, Donald Trump, That Woman From The Hunger Games, Bane, A Dog, A Lamma, A Baby,A Pool Heater, A Pool Cleaner, A Ghost Van all in one parody movie. Its hilarious.89/100 B+

Bob W (us) wrote: Weak adaptation of the gothic horror family saga. The book sold millions of copies and spawned a number of sequels, but this is a listless abuse laden trainwreck.

Panos M (it) wrote: Most of the jokes are based on people's incapacities, disabilities or looks.

Courtney R (jp) wrote: I loved this movie Jon Heder was really good in this.

Ruthie R (jp) wrote: This is the most, not made in the 80's, 80's movie I have ever seen. I think. Well, close.