Love to Eternity

Love to Eternity

Liza slowly replaces Melampo, Giorgio's dog. While she accepts it, Giorgio forces her to wear collars and leashes.

Liza slowly replaces Melampo, Giorgio's dog. While she accepts it, Giorgio forces her to wear collars and leashes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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maye (us) wrote: It was the idea of death & youth that made me cry - not the too-good looking actors (Woodley all throughout the film has shiny luscious hair). Maybe it's just me but the chemistry seems lacking between the young lovers. Watch the film first before reading the book - maybe you'll enjoy it better.

David S (gb) wrote: If you are a fan of Showa era kaiju flicks see it. If that sentence made no sense to you, don't.

Joan O (it) wrote: very few laughs, Damien & Craig not as funny as they think they are but it did give us Damon Wayans, Jr.

Cristbal S (ca) wrote: If this movie was a comedy I would totally rate it with five stars. It's one of the most ridiculous films I've seen, but at least is so bad that is good.

Abdulmalik A (fr) wrote: very revealing and straight-forward. it supports it's suggestions with the word who were directly involved in the invasion of Iraq. solid documentary.

Mark K (mx) wrote: An excellent follow up to a very a good movie. Does the anime Justice.

Trent R (de) wrote: Easily one of my favorite movies of all time.

Christopher B (br) wrote: This was good. Creepy as a child

Angelina C (us) wrote: A large tub of popcorn, a box of tissues would be handy and u r good to go. A rare treasure of a movie

Jesse F (jp) wrote: I'm one of the few who prefer the sequels over the original "Sleepaway Camp".

Daniel H (ru) wrote: :fresh: [CENTER]Wonderful![/CENTER]

Gavin M (ru) wrote: One of the greatest on screen performances of all time. George C. Scott's performance as the iconic general George S. Patton, is truly an unbelievable, memorable, powerful, real and ultimately iconic experience. It's definitely my favorite performance by an actor as George C. Scott is literally in command of his performance from beginning to end. Definitely one of the greatest actors in the history of movies and deserves more credit than he is given!

Jos M (jp) wrote: Pelicula d facil visionado con una pareja protagonica en pleno esplendor de su belleza

Kieran L (de) wrote: The film that resurrected the musical and saved Warner Bros from bankruptcy. Short, sweet, and much emulated this film has a great nuance or classic line in almost every scene.

Karsh D (fr) wrote: Tough emotional film. A chef loses his wife through cancer and goes off the rails a bit as life seems to lose its purpose in such situations. More emotional than I bargain ed for, a better film than I bargained for.

Jack G (br) wrote: Outstanding! loved it

Preston L (fr) wrote: Kill Me Three Times is an Australian dark-comedy about an professional hitman (Simon Pegg) who is in Australia after a hit when he gets a call to go after a woman, but that woman is the target of another group who are trying to use her death in a series of convoluted get rich quick schemes. If I say much more it spoils the plot. Just know it's a dark comedy and it's a convoluted murder plot. Also the movie stars two actors who have been in comedic zombie films (Pegg and Theresa Palmer of Warm Bodies) AND a Hemsworth (Though neither of the two you are thinking)Things I Liked:Simon Pegg. Simon Pegg is one of my favorite comedic actors working today. He's got a great deal of versatility as can be seen by the variety of roles that he has played. He's the standout in this film and the major reason that any of the comedy works during the whole piece. He wins the movie, by which I mean he is the best part of the film and the only actor who truly holds your attention each time he is on screen.Comedy. Now this is a black comedy, and some people aren't as keen on the bizarre humor that comes from these types of movies. But this one has some subtle and funny moments that worked well in spite of the grim and bleak setting. Dark comedy is hard to get right. This one isn't perfect but I did laugh enough times to say this one did succeed, especially when Pegg was involved.Things I Didn't Like:Movie Is Bland. This movie is kind of lame as far as plot and other characters goes. The movie doesn't have a lot of spirit and energy and, as I've said, Pegg is the only part that really shines and it's hard to make the movie succeed given that the movie has a hard time getting traction when he is off screen. The characters have a series of forgettable personalities and the plot is a little too hard to follow and not quite interesting enough to care.Overall. Overall, Simon Pegg shows that he is a skilled and versatile actor and this movie has a number of subtle and funny jokes. But the movie beyond his work is forgettable and monotonous. The tone is bland, the characters are forgettable and the story is too complex to really appreciate. One good actor does not a good movie make. most cases...sometimes it works to have one good actor, but this is not one of those times.

Eric B (gb) wrote: Another win for Aardman!

Jason J (it) wrote: This movie is one you barely hear about which I think is a great shame as it's a great action movie filled with great performances though it is saddled with having stereotypical black gangsters who constantly swear and listen to music by Public Enemy and NWA. I like this movie as it no pretension of being nothing else but a thrill ride. It moves at such a brisk pace with ever changing relationships dynamics that there is never a dull moment. An excellent cast of genre and character actors also helps. Paxton and Sadler are intense as the out-of-their-depths firemen. Ice-T is effective as King James, the leader of the gangsters and Ice Cube also shines in his supporting role. Surprisingly, this inner-city tale is loosely based on ~The Treasure of the Sierra Madre'. Walter Hill does a great job directing this action thriller. Trespass is a very well done movie that's worth taking a look.

Grant S (fr) wrote: 1980. Jake is about to start his college education. He has a baseball scholarship and lives in a commune that consists of the entire college baseball team. College starts in three days and we see how he adapts and makes new friends.Written and directed by Richard Linklater who gave us Boyhood and the Before Sunset/Sunrise/Midnight series this is ostensibly the college version of what is, for me, his greatest film - Dazed and Confused. (Calling a sequel would be pushing it a bit far as there is no link between the characters). There are some similarities between the two - the dawning of the new phase in young people's lives, new experiences and fitting in - but quality- and feeling-wise the two are quite far apart. Dazed and Confused was wonderfully engaging, and immediately so, and had a great sense of nostalgia. It was also quite profound in the way it dealt with growing up.Everybody Wants Some!!, on the other hand, starts off rather dully, with Linklater trying too hard to make the characters cool and likable, and in the process making them irritating, and the plot doesn't really go anywhere for a while. The engagement isn't there to start off with and it all seems like Animal House or Porky's without the humour.It gets better though, with the characters gaining some depth (thus becoming more engaging), some interesting plot developments towards the end and a reasonably profound ending. It just takes patience to get there - I was ready to give up after less than 30 minutes.