Love Without Pity

Love Without Pity

25 year-old Hippo doesn't have a job, doesn't study either but lives from the money his younger brother earns with dealing and from occasional Poker winnings.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:twins,  

25 years old Hippo doesn't have a job, doesn't study either but lives from the money his younger brother earns with dealing and from occasional Poker winnings -- he's a representative of a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al S (gb) wrote: A brilliant and engagging character driven piece. A riveting and remarkable thriller. It grabs you like you wouldnt beleive with its compelling story and surprisingly effective lead character. Luke Goss gives a electrifying performance, he`s the dark knight of the film but also has a heart and makes you go willingly on his dark, intense and emotional journey. Goss is incrediable to watch, it`s a tremendous movie star performance. An extroadinary triumph from Director, Perry Bhandal. A well-crafted, stylish and sharply entertaining movie. One of this year`s most enduring surprises. A sizzling mixture of suspense, drama and action into one hard-edged thrill-ride. An unfrogettable hit to the gut thats bold, thrilling, tragic and magnificent. This movie is just amazing. Just like from the hot slug of a gun, this film is red-hot. I loved it, even to it`s shocking ending.

Conor B (kr) wrote: The 1000 Journal project was a brilliant idea. Simply "release" 1000 blank journals throughout the world and let them travel freely to see where it would end up. This documentary follows the stories not only of a few of the returned journals, but the lives of some of the people who filled the pages. While the film is touching, humorous, sad, and every emotion in between throughout, the film felt distant and unconnected to this project which is so personal.

JH K (kr) wrote: Un buen concepto, el enfoque es divertido, la propuesta es atractiva y envoltorio puramente britanico, lo cual es meritorio puesto se nota que hay muy pocos medios, mas de TV que de cine. No obstante lo que falla es el guion y el desarrollo final, sinceramente deberia haber podido rendir mas y sacarle mas chicha, pero los viajes en el tiempo son complicados, y desafortunadamente, falla en satisfacer el enunciado de su propio titulo. En cualquier caso, no pasa nada por verla puesto cumple la regla de 90 minutos decentes.

Maleeha K (mx) wrote: One ov the funniest 1..!!!

Brandon (fr) wrote: Actually much different than expected. A very impressive film. Especially for the budget they were on.

Robert B (fr) wrote: 8mm (Joel Schumacher, 1999)[originally posted 17Jan2000, revised 29Jul2013]What can you do with 8mm? The one thing you can't do is argue with the conclusions to be drawn from it. There has been much debate over the years as to where it was that Joel Schumacher's career went off the cliff. As far as I'm concerned, it was the beginning of the nineties; Flatliners was Schumacher's last watchable, much less enjoyable, movie, for my money. There are those who will hold out for A Time to Kill or Schumacher's ridiculous Batman-franchise movies as being still-okay Joel. But if you ever meet someone who contends that he was still good by 1999 and the release of 8mm, you can safely ignore that person's taste in movies forevermore.Plot: Tom Welles (Nicolas Cage) is a PI hired by a wealthy recent widow, Mrs. Christian (Storm of the Century's Myra Wells in her last screen appearance to date). Mrs. Christian found a rather disturbing reel of film amongst her late husband's effects, and wants to know if it's a real snuff film. Soon enough, Welles is as obsessed with the question as Christian is, and with the help of jack-of-all-sleazy-trades Max California (Joaquin Phoenix), Welles starts digging into the seemingly vast, powerful snuff film underground...that may not actually exist.This was the weekend of Potentially Great Movies, and Joel Schumacher's dip into the world of the infamous "snuff" film tops the list. It could have been an astounding movie, had it tried a little harder to break some barriers down (and had Nicholas Cage's role been better cast-- Cage just doesn't play a guy slowly having a nervous breakdown well) and been a little more subtle in its approach. As it was, it was a little too gratuitous, a little too exaggerated, and a little too detached. Which is too bad, because in the places where it shines, it really does shine. Joaquin Phoenix, in particular, is very likable in this film, every bit the foil to Cage's miscasting. And the above just touches on the incredible pool of talent brought together for this movie; Catherine Keener, James Gandolfini, Peter Stormare (always underrated, usually wonderful, in that Tcheky Karyo kind of way), Norman Reedus, Don Creech, I could keep going all day like this.Now, in hindsight (I'm writing this paragraph in 2013), here's why everything kind of comes together vis-a-vis 8mm and Schumacher's career going off the cliff, even if you did like those awful Batman movies: this is the first time where Schumacher took a script that was highly regarded in Hollywood circles, proposed a number of changes to it, met with resistance from the scriptwriter, and ended up with said scriptwriter walking off the job and leaving Schumacher to bungle it. (As of this writing, the most recent case of such shenanigans we know of is the even worse Blood Creek, based on a script disowned by David Kajganich, which Schumacher released in 2009.) In the case of 8mm, the script was written by Andrew Kevin Walker, and all I should need to say about the quality of Walker's scripts is Se7en. (According to IMDB's trivia section for the movie, longtime Walker collaborator David Fincher was the first choice to direct; Fincher, presumably wrapped up in Fight Club, took a pass.) And in the places where this movie comes within spitting distance of greatness, I think it's safe to assume, it's Walker's script coming through despite Schumacher's changes; this becomes all the more obvious through the lens of Blood Creek. I'd love to see a remake of this film that goes back to Walker's original script and makes a few key casting changes (for the love of Roberta Findlay, use an unknown actor for Tom Welles). There's just enough here for me to prognosticate that that movie would be a thriller for the ages. This one is not. **

Jason J (fr) wrote: This movie takes place in the Tokyo of near future, in a ghetto inhabited by immigrants from all over Asia. The ghetto is called Yentown. The story revolves around a group of poverty-stricken immigrants, to whom a sudden twist of fate gives the opportunity to literally make money and thus realize their dreams. Unfortunately, their luck is not without it's consequences, and even if they get what they've always dreamed of, they may realize they've chasen the wrong dream. This may not be the most original of ideas, but the story is told with such energy and originality, and with such sympathetic characters, that the viewer soon forgets the familiriaty of the basic plot. The director obviously loves all his characters and so will you; the black boxer with the innocent soul of a child, the philosophical doctor/tattoo-artist, the American who speaks only Japanese, the killer with the black&white painted face and the cool female sniper are all wonderful characters and these are just the small roles! The standout character is the 16 year old girl "Ageha" played by the superb Ayumi Ito. There are only few movies that are so emotionally powerful and complex, without being kitschy and this is the best example that they exist. It has been a long time ago that i last saw such an tragically wonderful, beautiful picture. This masterpiece has it all: tragedy, humour, violence, humanity, and it shows how brutal and wonderful life can be. Highly recommended.

Gregg M (nl) wrote: Great campy fun, well-directed with many star cameos...

Stefanie C (au) wrote: 1980's chick flic, russian style.

Fernando G (us) wrote: The movie was ok but the people in the movie made a lot of dumb choices