Love You You

Love You You

A paralegal (Angelababy) is sent on a undercover mission to inspect You Lele (Eddie Peng), the young owner of a stunning beach resort suspected of illegal business practices. Though the two hit if off on a very wrong note, they grow fond of each other's company despite their clashing personalities.

(Mandarin with English subtitles) A paralegal (Angelababy) is sent on a undercover mission to inspect You Lele (Eddie Peng), the young owner of a stunning beach resort suspected of illegal ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timothy N (ag) wrote: Far funnier than I imagined it to be. The lead trio had the right blend of chemistry that had me laughing out loud several times.

Jack W (ag) wrote: It's the friendship between Hiccup and Toothless along with the dazzling animation, solid voice work and exciting flight sequences and climax that elevate the film above the cliches and predictability. Overall - an entertaining effort from Dreamworks.

Marti J (it) wrote: 'Parasite Dolls' is another case of the same story told in a different way. Perfect bodies, perfect personalities, perfectly programmable, blah blah, blah. Do we remember Chobits? Or, if you want something a little more contemporary, "Dollhouse"? Do I care? Hell no. Artificial intelligence has been commonly accepted as an eventuality by even the most bass ackwards, ill-educated folks y'all'll fahnd this side 'uh thu Ohiyuh. It's a hot topic for entertainment, so I have no objections to the theme as long as it stays fresh. And Parasite Dolls, at it's heart, is still nice and crisp.

Steve S (au) wrote: *** (out of four) A very gritty and realistic film that shows the conditions of the largest prison in Lati American. It is mostly based on the book "Estacao Carandiru" (Carandiru Station) by Dr. Drauzio Varella. Set in the late 1980's, the film follows a doctor who arrives at the prison to educate the inmates on the deadly AIDS virus that has been been spreading rapidly, especially among inmates. While there he meets a wide range of inmates. The film is intense, somewhat solemn, but always interesting.

Yvonne L (gb) wrote: This is the best movie ever - I have seen it at least 30 times. And U cry all the time during JAA SANAM and TUM.

Mikael K (br) wrote: Stuart Townsend is perfectly obnoxious as a manipulative playboy who seduces an entire family one person at a time. Despite Townsend(TM)s perfect fit in the role, About Adam? ends up being rather pointless and a movie that tries to be wittier than it actually is.

Caden P (fr) wrote: Anyone with half a brain cell could make a better movie than this. It's absolutely terrible. There is very little substance in this movie whatsoever and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Michelle T (ru) wrote: This is a classic, and one of my all-time favorite movies. Eric Roberts' performance should have won him an award. I think it's his best performance ever, as he plays his over-the-top character with high energy and a wide range of emotions as he blunders from one situation to another. The interplay between he and Mickey Rourke's character as cousins is endearing, though dysfunctional. There are many other great performances in this movie worth mentioning, like Geraldine Page and Mickey Rourke, of course. I watched this movie several times in the 80's, and not again until this year, and was surprise how well it stands the test of time.

Natalie R (au) wrote: cute movie about family...

Musa S (fr) wrote: Shallow story and shallow characters. Tiresome to watch...

Meredith W (gb) wrote: Oren Little (Michael Douglas) is a successful, widowed real estate agent who is inherently politically incorrect and offensive. He owns and lives in an apartment building where his neighbours include lounge singer Leah (Diane Keaton) who is also dealing with the loss of her spouse. Oren's long lost, former drug user son Luke (Scott Shepherd) shows up, needing Oren to look after his 10 year old daughter Sarah (Sterling Jerins). From there the film is formula as Oren discovers his softer side and, in the process, a lovely romance with Leah. And Diane Keaton is wonderful as always.

Tony D (ag) wrote: very slow paced and monotone, it has its moments

Thomas P (de) wrote: This cool indie isn't at all what it seems. "House of Last Things" presents a wholly original spin on fantastic cinema. All the copycat and predictable clichs of gore and yuk have been thrown our in favor of a more cerebral and emotionally dramatic approach, and very performance driven. No doubt all this will alienate splatter fans looking for their nightly transfusion. But it really shouldn't. (All that fast food will catch up with you someday.) Blake Berris is terrific in a role that seems written for him, that's how good he is. But it only works because the rest of the cast are believable too, especially Lindsey Haun who I hadn't really seen all grown up since "Village of the Damned", and RJ Mitte, who in a departure from "Breaking Bad", debuts here in his first feature film. A very attractive trio they make in a house full of twist and turns. Discoveries like this keep me snooping through Indies and waiting in line at festivals hoping for more gems. This is one of them.

Jake P (de) wrote: Great animation and dialogue.

Xander M (kr) wrote: Probably my favourite illumination movie and the one of the best Doctor Suess movie adaptations second to only Horton

Ethan L (ag) wrote: It's weird to think that a studio put this out with the intention of actually making money. F