Story of Linda Lovelace, who is used and abused by the porn industry at the behest of her coercive husband, before taking control of her life.

The film starring Amanda Seyfried, James Franco, Peter Sarsgaard is directed by Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman. It is based on a true story about Linda is a beautiful and sexy girl. She passes through many challenges and chooses a special way to become the pornstar. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris D (ca) wrote: WAY better than I imagined. Ben Kingsley is amazing. The plot twists enough to hold almost anyone's attention.

Jaeyoung L (fr) wrote: wow, people and buildings in north korea are different from what I expected.. :) Indeed, they are normal like us and seem to enjoy their life at home and at work. everyting is focused on their system / ideology from kids to old men. they keep saying "Americans are their enemies and they are terrible and they want to kill them" because they killed their family in the korea war.... At work, I see how their system works via meetings among manager and group leaders... it looks good to know... when screening this film with north koreans, some comments of director's are translated differently / softly by north korean translator. it's not too bad but he doesn't want them to know truth from the point of view of foreigners about north korea..... still they are happy in closed country....

Alejandro C (us) wrote: Muy emotiva. Gran actriz protagonista, y un abuelo de lo mas entraable...

Jamie R (ca) wrote: Maniac Cop is good old B-Movie cheese with nothing new to say but is entertaining enough to last through the running time even if the story isn't great and not all the actors are up to par.

Augustine H (nl) wrote: In wartime, you don't expect a film on church to be Elmer Gantry-alike, but offering people consoles. Indeed, you just expect to be motivated and receptive to its positiveness, but Bing Crosby's voice of nature and the brilliant performance from Barry Fitzgerald add a lot of colour, fun, warmth and subtlety to the film.

Gianluca C (us) wrote: I thought it was a little scatterbrained and inconsistent. For example: at first, you think this person (I won't spoil it) is completely flawless, likeable and inspiring, and then all of a sudden she is incredibly flawed. This idea is good, however the movie brings this out of nowhere for it to be satisfying and make sense. Despite the flaws, I did like Eva Green and the movie's atmosphere.

Ale I (br) wrote: I feel a little disappointed , entertaining but nothing exceptional.