Lovely Molly

Lovely Molly

After the wedding, Molly and her husband Tim move into her childhood house in the countryside. When Tim returns the house after a few days trip, he realizes that Molly starts acting so strangely that even the doctor cannot explain. She gets back to old habit as drug addict and threatens the life of everyone around her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Egl B (us) wrote: i was dissapointed by the story, even though the colours and the photography itself was quite beautiful.

Fernando A (jp) wrote: A movie for cinema lovers, sometimes we have to watch movies like this, great art, why French always master they own work/?

Bianca J (kr) wrote: kinda stupid. i prefer the first one

Chris S (es) wrote: One of my favorite and most re-watched films.

Justin O (mx) wrote: Definately one of Candy's worst and unfunniest films to date, but hey, if documentary director Michael Moore is at the helm, what do you expect.

p b (es) wrote: No, that funny. I really like them on stage, but this isn't very good.

Thunderbird R (gb) wrote: A tale about how self absorbed we can get and what it takes some of us to come to grips with it. Funny, funny movie. Must see!

Tom S (ag) wrote: This thriller keeps suspense virtually all the way thru the movie. The devious thinking on the part of Amy is enough to make any guy worry about ever taking a girl on a date. Would you be safe even if completely chaste? Good acting. I was disappointed with the ending: Amy gets away with murder.