Lovely, Still

Lovely, Still

A holiday fable that tells the story of an elderly man discovering love for the first time.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:old man,   christmas,   fable,  

A holiday fable that tells the story of an elderly man discovering love for the first time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lovely, Still torrent reviews

Salah A (ca) wrote: It has its moments, even though it felt like I was watching a long Youtube video.

Joseph N (ca) wrote: Oh, yes! See this movie this Christmas season.

Adrian B (ca) wrote: One of the finer 'Original Animated Universe' films. Comic-book fans will enjoy watching the leaguers in this adaptation of a popular graphic novel.

Simon P (ru) wrote: Tom Hiddleston Excellent.

nancy m (de) wrote: Not sure. Need to see it again

Luc L (mx) wrote: Woods' excellent performance, who is also one of the producers of this movie makes this cop thriller entertaining to watch, not to mention some suspenseful scenes and some surprisingly amusing moments of black comedy. It is about a dedicated cop, who is great at his work but he is obessessed with his job, he is occassional corrupted, he breaks the rules and being a cop has become his life. His wife and his young daughter left him for a better life. Now he is on the murder case, which a young female writer has been brutally murder and he finds himself in a complex case. When his recent murder case might be linked to several murders have been going on for years. The premise might seen familiar to some viewers. But it is Woods' role makes up for most of the slow spots in the movie. Woods have been always an fascinating actor to watch, even in unpleasent roles and he is usually a scene stealer in supporting roles. If you haven't seen this underrated forgotten crime thriller. This is certainly worth a look. Based on a novel by James Ellroy (Dark Blue, L.A Confidental, Street Kings). Although the novel is titled "Blood on the Moon".

Scott R (ag) wrote: A great childhood film I will never forget. It also inspires one to more civic duty.

Banana K (ca) wrote: Original, funny, clever. Very good.

Pia F (it) wrote: Best film in a long while. All based on a true story, so it has its elements of predictability, but overall makes the journey worthwhile. This is a hilarious comedy, with an extra, less obvious, layer of comic value in how genuine the "stoner" performances can be. Even the dramatic sequences have subtle dark elements of comedy, without detracting from the overall seriousness of events. John C McGinley's somewhat short performance had me in stitches the entire time.

Ryan M (de) wrote: Only watch this film if you have an interest in Rich Mullins life (which was interesting). But as a movie, it was terrible.