Lover or Loser

Lover or Loser

Eva is afraid of her sex-obsessed stepfather Willem. Feeling forlorn, she meets Ricardo, a streetwise hustler who cheers her up, promising a trip to Paris. But instead he drags her to a sex...

Eva is afraid of her sex-obsessed stepfather Willem. Feeling forlorn, she meets Ricardo, a streetwise hustler who cheers her up, promising a trip to Paris. But instead he drags her to a sex... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Lover or Loser torrent reviews

Myriane B (ag) wrote: Quite authentic... but an hour of: I am going to marry him, I'm not going to? A good story needs some more ramification.

Ernst W (mx) wrote: I know there??s a little bit propaganda, too much drama, quite platitudinous and couple bad actors in the movie, but it still took my emotion up and down. I think the movement of camera, sounds and editing are the crucial elements.

Kevin C (es) wrote: There were a few minor elements of the script that really bothered me but overall a really good movie. Some parts are pretty predictable but the characters are well developed and by the end you really feel for them.

WS W (fr) wrote: Some big scenes but really stereotyped from the same genre, as well as a bit too long.

Santiago S (mx) wrote: Disappointing..... Spike Lee had a very interesting premise but turned it into a 2 hour + boring dialogue.... I first encountered the movie's soundtrack (the one made entirely by Stevie Wonder for the film) 15 years before finally seeing the film a couple weeks ago. I loved the soundtrack so I was expecting this to be a "love story" to remember, not the corny and predictable type that usually abounds with a predominantly white cast.......but Spike disappointed. I know how Spike is and I consider him a visionary but maybe because this was one of his earlier works, it fell short. I finished the film with more questions than conclusions or realizations(the only realization I got was that this movie is gotta be too late, it was already the early 90's and Spike made it seem like there's still that much of an issue with interracial relationships based on an isolated event that inspired this film, the murder of Yusuf Hawkins) ....I can't believe this film got generally strong reviews from critics.... the film's major weakness (for me) is its script (Spike also wrote it aside from starring in the film)..... just a total lack of direction, it made you feel more like your watching boring Oprah than a typical Spike Lee film. You can't blame the cast though, it has Wesley Snipes, Sam Jackson, Halle Berry and Tim Robbins before they got really famous.....strong performances from these people together with already established names back then like Annabella Sciorra, Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis.....that should be sufficient reason to watch this. I really wanted to like this movie, after all I waited 15 years to see it, but....*sigh*.

Arthur P (nl) wrote: Very good drama about a teachers double life in the 19709's era NYC bar scene. Really suprising and great performances by Keaton, Atherton, and Berenger. Gere's was very strange like a really bad version of Travolta's character in Welcome Back Cotter. Overall really liked this film and showed a broken and desperate society but at times was too moralistic in doing so,

Lars T (us) wrote: This movie really stinks. The only thing thats cool is the make up on the colossal beasts face.

Al M (us) wrote: Emily Lloyd is fantastic in this. It's a touching film with some great comedy moments. Well worth a look.

Bill W (de) wrote: Must see!! Adrien Brody is amazing and keeps you on the edge!! In the company of Fatal Attraction! See it today!