Lovers and Thieves

Lovers and Thieves


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Lovers and Thieves torrent reviews

Andre N (ru) wrote: full of laughs well put together movie. definitely one to sit and watch with the family

Cynthia S (us) wrote: Well, this sure was silly...but I did find it kind of funny at times. Think of Spinal Tap meets Napolean Dynomite. Adrian Grenier is in this, too, which probably kept me from reaching for that eject button. eh. It had its moments. My teenage daughter sure got a kick out of it, though. Guess that tells ya sumpin..

Ian E (us) wrote: This concoction mixes in too many genres such as action, comedy, romance, and political satire that end up failing on all of those expected aspects as a result.

Roberta C (ag) wrote: Absolutely LOVED it! It is right up there as one of my favorites! Bought the DVD

Jarrette P (fr) wrote: i thought this was a decent movie. I one think I like about was that I was a kind of different movie. I was about drug abuse but it had alot of funny moments

Godwin G (ca) wrote: I liked it, all the campiness, unrealism, and dirty humor adds to the charm of it.

Doug J (es) wrote: Someone please get that xylophone music out of my head!

Stephanie C (ag) wrote: I can't bear to give an Astaire film anything less than three stars, but this is a very bad movie. The song Love of My Life and the tap solo at the end are the only worthwhile things in the entire feature.

David T (au) wrote: Peli desconocida, del ao magico 1939 y de la que poca gente se acuerda. Tiene una pareja protagonista imbatible: Lombard en un papelazo que sabe interpretar, y un Stewart que lidia con su insulso papel. Ella es para mi la protagonista, en una peli de 90 minutos en la que pasa de todo: romance, comedia, drama... Y esos saltos bruscos le hacen resentirse en el desarrollo de la pelicula. Eso si, alucinante blanco y negro del gran Leon Shamroy... Consigue planos inolvidables!

Derek M (it) wrote: It's pretty funny stuff; very underrated.