Lovers of 6 Years

Lovers of 6 Years

Da-Jin (Kim Ha-Neul) and Jae-Young (Yoon Kye-Sang) have been in an all too comfortable relationship for the past six years. Although they don't live together, their apartments reside side by side. Da-Jin works as an editor at publishing company and Jae-Young works as a producer for a home shopping network. Trouble brews for the couple when Da-jin recruits illustrator Jin-Seong (Shin Sung-Rok) for her next project. During the process, Jin-Seong begins to take an interest in Da-Jin romantically. Meanwhile, Jae-Young meets a young part-time worker in the elevator at the television station. The young woman already knows his name and seems to want to know more. Can Da-Jin and Jae-Young's relationship survive these outside temptations?

A film about dating and relationships. It doesn't deal with the kind of head-over-heels, knight-in-shining-armor love that is usually tied to "romance." This is the love that bores, nags, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cool P (us) wrote: Very amazing movie, horror taken to a different perspective.

Timothy F (de) wrote: I actually enjoyed this one. Normality in the chaos of war.

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Asif K (mx) wrote: just for Maria Bello

Charles P (fr) wrote: This Return to Sleepaway Camp is an infuriating hour and a half of movie hell, with none of the dark humor, wicked surprises, or creative slayings that made the previous entries to franchise endearing.

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Ryan C (jp) wrote: The first entry was great so I put this on expecting a decent sequel. I was wrong. Very very wrong. It was beyond decent. It was superior to the original and that takes a lot of skill. It takes the original and gives it more. It's a great sequel that must be watched.