Love's Complicated

Love's Complicated

Leah thinks all is fine coasting along in a relationship with the ever-predictable Edward until he surprises her and enrolls her in a conflict-management class. In the class, Leah finds herself locking horns with a handsome, radio talk-show host who thrives on making waves. Through the course, Leah develops new friendships, an inner strength she never knew she had and discovers real love should never mean settling for the easy and predictable.

Leah Townsend has always been a people pleaser. From her childhood as a senator's daughter to her career as a successful author| Leah goes out of her way to avoid
conflict. So strong is her desire to keep the people around her happy that Leah is also too afraid to let her longtime boyfriend Edward Crouse know that their
relationship is in a rut-the same date night| at the same restaurant| with the same food| week in and week out. And to top it all off| her second novel is proving
much more difficult to write than the first. When Leah and Edward have a minor disagreement at Edward's faculty party (it barely qualifies as a spat) Edward enrolls
her in a group conflict resolution class. There| she meets Cinco Dublin| a shock-jock radio host attending the class by court order. His family has a prickly past
with the Townsends: Cinco Sr.| a renowned journalist| went toe-to-toe with Senator Townsend when he was in office and the bad blood still remains. Leah bristles at
Cinco's brashness and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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