Loving Miss Hatto

Loving Miss Hatto

Drama inspired by the true story of classical pianist Joyce Hatto. Victoria Wood's new strange-but-true drama about musical deception and enduring love

In 1953 William Barrington-Coupe - known as Barrie - spots concert pianist Joyce Hatto and recognizes her talent. They marry with Barrie becoming Joyce's agent. She makes several records,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack L (ag) wrote: Mini Review 3 - The River MurdersPlot:A continuing series of brutal murders against women brings forth Spokane city detective Jack Verdon (Ray Liotta) in to the limelight. A policial investigation reveals Jack's involvement with all the murdered women in some shape or form. Smelling personal vendetta, Jack runs against time to protect his wife and to nab the killer.Positives:--> The film never got a main stream release saving lot of soulsNegatives:--> Me watching it and trying to spread around the pain

Jacob A (ru) wrote: A lot of this was good, this documentary had a lot of potential. I realize the irony of critiquing this film when half of it is about how critics suck, but there's a rating section here, so whatever. A lot of these comedians and actors had some good stories, which gave it quite a bit of power, but I felt like Jamie Kennedy killed it at parts. He's taken so much shit that he's bitter and angry at anyone who doesn't like his movies or his comedy. If someone doesn't tell him that Son of the Mask was the movie of the year then they're made out to be piece of shit in this movie. The one girl says she actually owns and likes the movie and Kennedy gets mad because she doesn't think he's cute in it. He had good parts, I just wish he had focused more on the ridiculous and hateful hecklers out there and not just anyone who doesn't love his movies.

Teresa L (fr) wrote: So I watched Assassin last night, and the first thing that struck me is that Margaret Cho has lost a lot of weight! The second thing is that she is incredibly HOT! I mean, I always thought she was a total cutie, but day-um! She's drool inducing! So anyway...the movie Assassin was hilarious, and she was as funny as ever. I love her because she's prfane and opinionated. That's awesome. She's also a bisexual fag-hag, so I can relate. If you get the chance to see Assassin do it, and even if you don't, get your ass out and rent it! The only odd thing about it is the fact that she has this strange black ghetto girl accent for her gay accent....I think it has to do with her Asian background. But that is so minor it is really only an interesting side note, nothing more. I'll bet you're wondering what this has to do with MySpace, huh? Well, I finally decided to start using it, so I will have three blogs now, and I will be cross posting what I write here for the most part to my LiveJournal and MySpace, yay... Anyway, I had one friend at MySpace, and was looking around looking at Margaret Cho's web site and saw that she has a blog and that she also cross posts her blog to MySpace, so I took a chance and sent her a friend request, and she accepted it. So now at MySpace I have two friends, the guy who runs the place, who friends everyone, and Margaret Cho. Life is so odd sometimes.

Ian P (jp) wrote: Wonderfully atypical dramance; inspirational with strikingly intimate and accessible atmosphere furthered by strong performances all around.

Stacks A (kr) wrote: Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Avid C (br) wrote: Just Married does little to surprise its audience. It caters to all the clichs of people marrying impulsively, as well as many old regurgitated classics of Hollywood's idea about romantic comedy. Arguably, it's still entertaining, because it's based on a tried and true recipe, but don't expect anything else. However, don't be shocked, the scenario calls, many times, on the "lie" trick to push the story from one drama to an other.Ashton Kutcher wears his over the top comedy style of That's 70s Show, but Brittany Murphy seems to want to stay away from her hysterical persona that are part of many of her romantic films. It makes the piece watchable.You want brain dead entertainment, you've never seen it, and you have a free night, this might be for you.

ray l (jp) wrote: aways a good view. first real action film..

Sam S (fr) wrote: Breathless is a French new wave film that is interesting in the way portrays its characters and their daily struggles, but the film suffers from its "unique" style of editing.

Roy C (au) wrote: The giant animals look highly realistic, with the rat and guinea pig setting up for that scary-as-fuck tarantula. 'The history of medicine is the history of the unusual.'

Adriana A (ag) wrote: Banderas best times!

Grayson W (ag) wrote: The story of a little girl who grew up to become a dementedly frightful drunken ghost clown. More of a thriller, but Jane's caked white makeup and black mascara result in some of the most disturbing imagery in all of horror. A very dark and suspenseful film.