Low Winter Sun

Low Winter Sun

Frank Agnew is a police detective who kills for revenge and naively believes he's engineered the perfect crime.

Frank Agnew is a police detective who kills for revenge and naively believes he's engineered the perfect crime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Debby C (mx) wrote: Surprisingly hilarious - if you're a fan of movies like Super Troopers, Office Space, Beerfest or really any National Lampoon or Broken Lizard stuff you have to see this. It didn't get a lot of buzz since it's direct to VOD so I'm glad I stumbled on it

Tiger L (fr) wrote: Way funnier than white chicks

Ryan S (kr) wrote: 10 years ago or now or whatever, Kate Beckinsale is too damn hot.

Adam F (fr) wrote: "The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Movie" is a film so devoid of imagination and made with so little effort that it's doubtful even fans of the original show would enjoy it. When you get a movie adaptation of a popular TV series you expect more drama, bigger special effects, something you haven't or couldn't see on the regular program and a bigger budget to pull it all off but this movie brings none of those to the table. First of all, the plot: The Power Rangers are a group of teenagers with attitude that have been recruited by Zordon, a legendary inter-dimensional being, in order to help against his struggle against evil. The teenagers are given the power to transform into a superhuman fighting force and are also given giant mechanical animals to pilot (Zords). These animals (well, they're supposed to be dinosaurs but any amateur palaeontologist will be quick to tell you that the sabre-toothed tiger, the pteranodon and the mastodon are not dinosaurs) can combine into a gigantic man-shaped robot known as the Mega Zord. The Power Rangers are constantly thwarting groups of evil monsters and saving their home town of Angel Grove and keep their identities secret. Now, the stakes are raised as a 6,000 year-old menace, an "evil beyond all imagination" named Ivan Ooze (yes, really) has been unleashed. Ooze was lured into a prison long ago and conveniently buried in Angel Grove next to his nearly-completed twin engines of destruction. These machines, two gigantic mechanical insects so powerful they threaten to enslave the entire universe if they are completed were apparently not dangerous enough to be destroyed when Ivan was captured the first time around. Maybe Zordon was really tired that day. Now released, Ooze easily dispatches with the show's villains and sets out to destroy not only Zordon, but his entire legacy. He easily enters the Ranger's secret hideout, destroys it and nearly kills Zordon (why he didn't finish the job is unclear). Now reduced to ordinary teenager status the Rangers, Tommy (Jason David Frank), Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson), Billy (David Yost), Adam (Johnny Yong Bosch), Aisha (Karan Ashley) and Rocky (Steve Cardenas), must go on a mystical quest to regain their superhero status while Ooze (Paul Freeman) enslaves the parents of Angel Grove in order to rebuild his ultimate weapons.Reading the description, you might think that there's some pretty big drama brewing here. The Rangers are just regular teens without their Power Ranger armour and weapons, and without their Zords there is absolutely no way they can defeat this menace. Even if they are able to get new Zords and weapons, will they be able to master them in time to defeat two weapons that are so devastating they threaten to enslave not only Earth but the entire universe? What about their secret identities, will those be in jeopardy as well? What kind of threat could their families and loved ones be in if Ivan Ooze discovered their true names? Are the Rangers even heroes without their weapons? Is it the armour that makes the Ranger, or the teen? What about this assault on Zordon himself. If Ivan Ooze is able to infiltrate and destroy the being that's been looking over humanity for millennia how can anyone hope to defeat him? And this unimaginable evil that Zordon described, this film is based on a children's show, how will the script push the boundaries in terms of sheer terror and diabolical character development? In actuality, none of these interesting ideas are explored. The Rangers never have any identity crisis and never question whether or not they might succeed. Their secret identities are never threatened (in fact their parents never show up and are never mentioned). When Ooze attacks Zordon directly, he simply shows up in an anticlimactic scene and wrecks the command centre. Other than that scene, Ooze never feels any more threatening than the other bad guys the Rangers have faced before, they don't even call upon their armour immediately when they see him, they wait until they've gotten their butts kicked for a couple of minutes before doing anything so where's the tension?The biggest and most disappointing element of the story is the mystical quest the rangers embark upon. They arrive on a strange planet, unsure of where to go, without any weapons and only the vaguest of ideas as to what to do from there. They're told that the road to the power they're seeking is littered with the bones of fallen warriors so what do they face? A single reanimated space-dinosaur skeleton and four animated statues. Pardon me if I sit here unimpressed. The walk to the "Obelisk of Power" is a greater threat to the team than the actual monsters they face (and you can tell this by the fact that they don't even attempt to arm themselves with any weapons whatsoever in preparation for the quest). The rangers get new totem animals to unlock new power but their costumes don't even change. They're still wearing the same mastodon, pteranodon, sabre-toothed tiger, white tiger, tyrannosaurus and triceratops helmets. The movie is so cheap they couldn't even afford to make new motorcycle helmets for our heroes.Each of the rangers are completely flat and devoid of any personality. No one has any dialogue that isn't related to the immediate situation at hand so you don't get to know them at all, their fighting styles are identical to each other so unless you can associate which colour or animal goes with which human face you don't have any idea of who is who, and each character is completely interchangeable with any other except for the White Ranger, which was obviously every kid's favorite at the time and therefore needed to stand out from the others. The entire team is always stuck in a jam if he's not around. He doesn't have a personality but at least you can tell him apart from everyone else because he's the one whose hits always land and the one who rescues everybody else. It means that individually, the rangers are about as interesting as a bunch of dirty socks. You would hope then, that as a team the writers would develop our heroes, but no. As a unit, the Rangers never develop or grow and losing their powers or the obvious fact that every other member's success hinges on the White Ranger doesn't faze them at any point. The Rangers are completely boring and whether they succeed or not, you will never care unless you have some prior attachment to them because of the television show.Alright, so the side of good is a total bust. But what about the villains? Often, a good antagonist can bring a movie back from the dead. I've mentioned before that the film stresses that Ivan Ooze is unlike any baddie they've ever faced. On that point, I beg to differ. The villains are just as poorly developed. Ivan Ooze is supposedly extremely powerful and dangerous but he's always cracking lame jokes and spewing out puns like a second-rate Joker. We're told that he's evil and wants to take over the world. Not because he thinks he's best suited for the job or because he wants to establish a new world order or anything, but because he's evil. Complicated plans requiring deception, realistic motivations, revealing insight into what makes someone turn from a normal person to a power-hungry dictator willing to commit genocide and enslave thousands, a sense of fun and memorable quirks, forget that shit. This is Power Rangers! The dumb kiddies will be begging to fork over their money so you take those good ideas and you take them somewhere else, to someone who cares about making good movies! Just take your standard cartoonish villain, slap some makeup and prosthetics to make him look ugly and have him announce over and other that "I' Evil!" and bam! Call it a day. One last character that needs to be described is the mystical woman Dulcea (Gabrielle Fitzpatrick), who runs around in a bikini and helps move the plot along by giving the Rangers their new animal totems. That's her character description and her personality. Did you expect anything more?As the plot develops, anyone who isn't enthralled with the lack gripping character arcs and edge-of-your-seat tension (so everyone) will realize how idiotic the story is. Ivan Ooze's evil plot is to give away his mind-control ooze to the children of the city so that when their parents touch the product, they will become an army of worker zombies. Does the character have any idea what to do about anyone who doesn't become exposed to this product? Well of course not because there is no one that could ever oppose him. You think the military in all those "Godzilla" films are ineffective? Well at least the Japanese tanks have the courtesy of showing up! You'll be watching the movie and thinking to yourself just basic, obvious questions like "Why doesn't anyone call the police to report this extremely suspicious behaviour when every single parent in the city begins digging up these giant mechanical bugs?", "If Ivan's army of warriors failed to capture their prey, why would they return to him empty-handed?" and "Why aren't the parents using the obvious construction equipment in the background instead of digging up these 50-foot robots by hand?" (Particularly if they "need to be unearthed by sundown!") For fans of the show, this film will be a huge disappointment. Not only do the original Zords never show up, but the original villains are tossed away right at the beginning of the movie and the movie often focuses on a new character, a regular kid with no powers or special abilities. The movie also features special effects that are significantly worse than the ones in the show. This is a perfect example of the worst computer generated effects 1995 has to offer. The dated effects wouldn't be so bad but while you're looking at the film you can see that the crew had access to some pretty good physical props and makeup but took a look at the CGI creations on screen and said "Kids will buy that". My Playstation 1 would barely get jealous of the computer effects in this movie. No one making the film cared at all about the product that was being put together and that is the single, most crippling element. This was a hastily-made movie that used a quickly written story to cash-in on a popular franchise. Character development, properly written dialogue, interesting plot twists and genuine tension? Kids don't care about that; they care about seeing the movie. Doesn't matter if it's good, memorable or has any redeeming qualities whatsoever. Children will want to see the movie because their friends will make fun of them if they don't and once we've got their butts in those seats, we can just start counting that money. What if someone asks for a refund? No one will ask for a refund because kids are dumb and they will just believe that anything labelled "Power Rangers" must be good.You are probably saying to yourself that surely there must be something in this film that kids haven't seen before in their regular episode of Power Rangers. I would say sure. Not good things, but things. Things like an almost entirely new cast of actors, even worse special effects than usual, characters they don't care about and the Power Rangers doing stunts to pop music. You read right, they couldn't even get most of the original cast members of the show to appear. Luckily for the kiddies, being an actor in a this movie doesn't require any acting talent and the characters are so bland you recognize them mostly by their gender and costume than their actual personalities. If you're not familiar with the show by the way, you're out of luck because they give no explanations to anything in this movie. Just a few more points that must be addressed in the name of justice and I will wrap this up. Even for a goofy movie featuring teenagers fighting rubber-suited karate stunt men pretending I found the acting to be hammy. Seriously, it just shows that once again, everyone was doing this stunt for the paycheck and not for the legions of children that would be excited to come see the movie. The dialogue is bad; featuring such gems as "A massive surge of evil energy is overloading our sensors", "We shall leave you to your evil ways" and "What is that odious stench? It smells like teenagers". Finally I really have to take offense to how stupid, once again the writers must think people watching this movie are. So Zordon traps Ivan Ooze in a prison, which turns out to be nothing fancier than tube with a man-hole sized lid? And he then buries the extremely dangerous robots right next to it? I thought this guy was a super-being capable of granting magical powers and making giant robotic animals appear out of thin air! This movie sucks."Kids will buy anything as long as it's labelled Power Rangers". This must have been the pitch for the movie and the sole basis on which this film was made. The sadder thing is, of course that the hack producers were right. This movie was a hit, but at what cost? This movie delivers nothing to its audience. There is no imagination or sense of wonder whatsoever that anyone, young or old could receive from watching "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie". It's not even memorably bad as much as it is depressing as yet another example of corporate greed exploiting people who don't know any better. The movie is a complete waste of time and exploits an audience who isn't mature enough to truly understand what a good film is and gives nothing in return. Years after seeing the movie you would feel profoundly sad if your first memory of sitting at the theatre was watching a movie on the big screen because it is an utter piece of crap. There are likely to be legions of now fully grown adults who will tell you that "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie" was legitimately good, that they enjoyed it and would like to see it again, for old time's sake. I challenge you to sit through this film but implore you not to. It really is a depressing, and infuriating ordeal. (On Dvd, June 29, 2013)

L L (fr) wrote: Ok, I own a horse, an Appaloosa.They are horses bred by American Indians from those the Spanish left behind. The North American tribes in Washington state and Oregon delt with the care and training of this certain breed unlike any other approach used by man. By the earth, of the earth and for the earth: the natural habitat of men and animal payed off in producing an intelligence and natural skill of this breed of horse to cope and specialize in the understanding of its rider and its ability traversing over any type of land travel that was needed in the mountainous, forested and distance over plains in that area of the Northwest. So what? I enjoyed this movie because sometimes I could read the nuances of 'Dons' training for 'screen acting' with Goldthwait. I think I'm in a minority here but who cares? (Admitted, the horse isn't even an Appaloosa.)~

Alexander P (kr) wrote: Has the feel of an Argento/Fulci Giallo with better actors and busget but just doesnt have any spirit plus a lack of explanation or background leaves it lacking

Hannah M (jp) wrote: An enjoyable chick flick!

Aaron M (ag) wrote: In true spirit of exploration movies before it such as Indiana Jones, Mummy and Tomb Raider, National Treasure rarely does anything different. That said, under the logo of Disney it does provide a very polished movie which can be enjoyed by all, especially parents. Book of Secrets has quite a lot going for it, including likeable characters, entertaining action sequences and quirky humour. I found the latter this movies strength, Nicholas Cages charisma offered something positive to the genre. The lead up to the treasure finding was better then the ending for sure but its a very enjoyable movie. The theme around Abraham Lincoln worked exceptionally well and gauged my interest instantly.