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Harry S (ag) wrote: It Was Ok. I Wasnt Expecting Alot. Acting Was Awful.

Jon H (jp) wrote: I had to see the movie twice in order to really articulate a review, I think. On the first thing, I was dazzled by Jodorowsky's artistry, and his outpouring of humanity. His deft sense of humor and the sense that he's willing to go anywhere no matter how strange or outlandish if the story demands it are so admirable. But the thing that is most impressive is that he is able to control all the tools at his command so well. There's nothing here that feels indulgent. Every strange moment or odd choice feels like it's in the service of what he's trying to relate, and so even the oddest of things feel strangely grounded and not odd at all. At least not in the context of this beautiful and strange collision of memory and story and film.The first time through, I did feel like the section where we follow Jaime through his ordeals felt a bit slow and less interesting. The second time I watched it, I liked these parts much better because I knew to expect them. And there are really some lovely moments in there, although my interest was really more in what was going on with Jodorowsky's younger self.There is one moment in particular that had me nearly in tears both times I saw it. Where Jodorowsky's younger self is standing on a rocky outcropping, trying to make an important decision, and his older self appears. You'll know it when you see it, and it's such a beautiful moment.

Dinika R (gb) wrote: now this is what love is all about

Kyle M (au) wrote: I may not know a lot about Alexander the Great, but I do know that this "biopic" of his may be inaccurate and a failure to the epic genre at the same time failed to be like Warner Bros' previous epic with similar roots "Troy." It's too powerful with nonsense in what they're doing or saying or yelling. It doesn't match to the epic scale, nor the legacy probably.However, Oliver Stone's probable failed attempt to do an epic on a legend shows that historians would be really good resources in productions when studios are trying something out like this if they don't have enough knowledge to do a successful flick. If historians are criticizing these kind of films, then this shows that studios can ask for their help as good resources."Alexander" the epically-scaled failed to match the scale or went overboard on the power of the genre. It marks a checkpoint that the shadow of The Return of the King had faded. (C+)

Robby R (it) wrote: Low budget film that is very low key, including some bad acting that is part of its charm, that has some artful aspirations that make it a quirky chronicle of dopey indie rockers.

Albert M (es) wrote: The single greatest cinematic achievement of all time.

Walter M (au) wrote: In "Theives' Highway," Nick Garcos(Richard Conte) returns home from being at sea, only to find his father(Morris Carnovsky) having had his legs amputated from an accident at work. So, Nick intends to get the money owed to his father from Mike Figlia(Lee J. Cobb) who was responsible for the accident. But first Nick has to collect on his father's former truck from Ed Kinney(Millard Mitchell), its new owner. While it is true that Bill does not have the money, he does have a lucrative lead on apples that may also work as an introduction to Figlia in San Francisco. While the characterizations are more than a little inconsistent, "Thieves' Highway" is still a lean mean piece of noir. After the plot quickly kicks in, the movie rarely lets up after that which is only suitable considering this is about truck drivers. In general, the movie is about the American dream and the challenges that immigrants face when trying to make it in the United States.(On the other side, the movie also suffers from some of the sexism of the time it was made.) Director Jules Dassin is so honest in depicting this that it is not surprising that he had to eventually leave the country.