Set in the early part of 20th century Europe. There lived a dancer who becomes the romantic bone of contention between a humble shepherd and an imperious marquis.

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Lowlands torrent reviews

Tino P (es) wrote: One of the most if not the most brilliant satire's about Hollywood.

Asif H (kr) wrote: Pitiful. How could Vince McMahon make John Cena star in this rubbish?

Uday M (nl) wrote: What a touching movie. Saw it three days back on video, still thinking about it.... well done Ali!! you make me proud as a resident of Dubai. A sequel is definitely in order Mr. Mostafa.

Liam M (es) wrote: Definitely icky. With moment after moment of scenes designed to make you're in crawl. That being said, 'The Ruins' offers so little to the horror genre in terms of originality, intrigue, genuine frights...or hell, anything. That's it's hard to recommend it for anybody's seeking genuine scares.

Jilie L (br) wrote: a woman stuck in her past..even after 50 years..

Alonso A (nl) wrote: Apichatpong submerges in the hypnotic nature of the mundane so we can fully appreciate and feel the transcendental.The awkwardly tender love story between a soldier and a farmer in the Thai tropical rainforest we see for the first hour is then re-contextualized as a mystical exploration of love and desire as animal instincts. His style is subdued but still pretty much present, emphasizing only in the ethereal sense of atmosphere and light surrealism, and letting the emotional core guide us through this deeply enthralling spiritual experience.

Ken S (br) wrote: Alexander Payne makes his directorial debut in this satire of the American Abortion debate about a unintelligent young woman with drug and alcohol abuse issues who gets pregnant and ends up getting pulled by both sides of the abortion debate to be used as a symbol for their causes. Laura Dern is great as the titular Ruth, and there is a whole range of supporting characters that are fun. The best part is that both sides of the debate are presented satirically, no one is treated like their side is 100% right. Really worth a look, a lot of fun, though Payne does go on to make even better films.

Robert F (ag) wrote: Can't beat it for stupid guilt-free fun.

Oscar H (nl) wrote: Lagom mysig och ganska intressant space opera, som faktiskt vinner p att lna skamligt mycket av Star Wars. Det hr r allts ett slags pilotavsnitt till tv-serien, ihopklippt i efterhand, vilket mrks. Men det fick tminstone mig att vilja stta tnderna i resten! Flera av skdisarna r ovntat sevrda, inte minst Ray Milland och Jane Seymour. Dock innehller filmen scener som i dag rimligen kan ge en del pedofilvibbar. Isch!

Jairo A (de) wrote: I enjoyed this film overall but I think it's outdated and it doesn't hold up like other older films. The ending was good but I didn't enjoy the whole music sounds "sillyness", to me, that's the weakest part of the movie. It's still very enjoyable though but I don't think it's a masterpiece like others do.

Tom S (fr) wrote: Coffy is the perfect Blaxploitation film, the best possible blend of sex-positive feminism and egregious tits, Pam Grier so formidable that anyone can understand why Tarantino hired her 25 years later.

Dann M (mx) wrote: "The sun never sets on those who ride into it." The little known sequel to Rocky Horror, Shock Treatment, is a bit of an acquired taste but has its own sort of charm. When Brad and Janet Majors' marriage hits a rough patch they go onto a game show where Brad gets committed to an asylum and Janet gets swept up by the glitz and glamour of television. Most of Rocky Horror's main cast returns, including Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Nell Campbell, and Charles Gray, but they're playing different characters. Jessica Harper takes on the role of Janet, and really shines; bringing a lot of charisma to the part. And, O'Brien's songs are energetic and quite catchy, featuring a variety of musical styles. However, the story is rather weak and the pacing is too fast. Also, the satire about television culture is overly broad and unfocused. It's a bit of a mess, but there's still plenty of fun to be had with Shock Treatment.

TMCA L (ca) wrote: Seems like a GOOD sequel to the movie Jack Nicholson was playing a biker. But it's not a sequel but does have one more cast member from that awful movie 'Hells Angels on Wheels'. But it is a good movie.

Sean M (gb) wrote: Love the old sci fi films from the fifties and sixties. Bearing in mind this was made in 1951 the effects were great.

Andy S (it) wrote: Mother of mercy is the end of little rico

Leroy B (es) wrote: one of the most underated movies of all time. to this day... people still don't know about it. so well directed and produced its a shame more people haven't seen this. one of my top 5 pics of all time!

Alli B (br) wrote: i accsadently put this 1 on and dont no how to delete it