Lu ding ji

Lu ding ji


The story follows a "lovable" rascal as he gambles and gets into various bits of trouble with outlaws and rebels. He eventually gets into a situation where he has to impersonate the eunuch servant of an elderly eunuch who is an evil martial art master. This gets the rascal involved with the emperor who is studying martial arts. The whole movie revolves around a quest for all the copies of a special Buddhist text. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Catherine Y (de) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyed 5/9/15 at Catherine Deneuve " Une R (C)trospective @AFdeSydney Classic Film Festival

ghost w (mx) wrote: Awful. The acting was some of the worst I ever seen.

Carl M (es) wrote: Green Graves only dreams of becoming a special make-up effects artist for the movies, but his dreams are shattered by an abusive stepfather and the disenchanting denizens of his small Southern town. Renown special effects artist Robert Hall delivers this powerful fictionalization of his own childhood experiences in the 2004 drama, LIGHTNING BUG. Hall speaks with raw emotion through his heartfelt characters, painting a tragic true-to-life tale that is equally inspiring. This could not be achieved without the help of his incredible cast, led by Bret Harrison and Kevin Gage. Harrison loses himself in his character, bringing his full range to the role of Green. He could only be overshadowed by Kevin Gage as the monstrous Earl Knight, who presses his terrifying strength and oppressive control over Green and his family. Gage is more frightening in all of his drunken rage than any man or monster in the genre. Laura Prepon, Ashley Laurence, Hal Sparks, and Lucas Till provide stunning support as well, and help to sell the realism of the desperate small town condition. A great debt is also owed to Brandon Trost, Joshua Charson, Rob Prior, and the rest of the talented crew, who make Green's reality our own. LIGHTNING BUG has a reach that expands well beyond the genre, but Horror fans in particular will empathize intimately with Green's personal struggle in an unaccepting society. This is Robert Hall's love letter to movie making, and his own personal masterpiece beyond the realm of make-up and special effects.

Patrick D (ru) wrote: Somewhat tedious slice-of-life stuff with a few brilliant moments thrown in to redeem the whole movie.

gw s (us) wrote: Great movie. A wilderness thriller with great actors and interesting plot. Could use a bit more action but otherwise very intriguing.

Grant W (de) wrote: A magical, but flawed experience. Cocteau is a true visionary that, here, only slightly oversteps his mark.

Donald W (it) wrote: This is a cheap knockoff of the old monster movies. The story surrounds a doctor/scientist who lives in an old castle. He is approached by Dracula in search of a cure to vampirism. He finds the cause in the blood but manages to infect himself. He is then approached by the Wolfman for the same reason. While trying to be cured the Wolfman discovers a cave under the castle with Frankenstein's monster buried in the mud. In the rest of the movie the doctor destroys Dracula, kills a villager, cures the Wolfman, brings Frankenstein's monstor back to life, and then is destroyed by a mob of villagers. Although Dracula is in the title of the movie, Dracula is hardly in the movie. The whole story is contrived. Everything happens too conveniently.

Mike H (kr) wrote: Although originally a very serious PSA/propaganda film meant to incite moral panic at the dangers of marijuana, it has become a hilarious and quite entertaining snapshot of the absolute paranoia and wildly exaggerated claims that were held as truths by society at the time.

Ian C (au) wrote: Four high school KISS fans set out to see their heroes play in motor city. Some quality gags, a quaity soundtrack and a serius milf twitch from Shannon Tweed.

Marischa B (ca) wrote: they tried to hard..but it ain't the 90's anymore...If I had watched this in the 90's, man this could have been a great film, but because we have seen to many of these it isn't anything new to the table anymore and we get bored you see....Young kids under 10 will not know the difference and probably enjoy this disaster of a film, but hey at the bright side we got to see a movie from the 90's again..lets bring back Dennis the menace shall we??? Overall: D-

Justin B (nl) wrote: An Australian Red Dawn. Call me crazy but this is not only a better film than the awful Red Dawn remake but it's a step up from the original as well. However, it reeks of YA formula and an attempt to build a non-existent franchise.

Nicky N (fr) wrote: This Was Not A Good Movie.C-