Lu ke yu dao ke

Lu ke yu dao ke


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Lu ke yu dao ke 1970 full movies, Lu ke yu dao ke torrents movie
  • Category:General
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:FangFap
  • Country:Hong Kong
  • Director:Tseng-Chai Chang
  • Writer:Tseng-Chai Chang, Chung Yuan Szema (story)

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Lu ke yu dao ke torrent reviews

Bruno D (us) wrote: Very nice and enjoyable movie, nice romantic action flick with some very good moments. Great performance from Tom Hardy who always surprises me with his range of acting skills and diversity in his roles

Nathan M (jp) wrote: Not particularly profound when compared to other Miyazaki, Ponyo is still a cute story in the vein of My Neighbor Totoro.

Amanda H (gb) wrote: What makes this documentary so effective is the interviews with the actual people involved. Particularly heartbreaking is the meeting between Miep Gies and the son of one of the men who stayed with the Frank family, two months before his death. This is both beautiful and unbearably sad and pays great tribute to a period in history that should never be forgotten or downplayed.

Andy C (ru) wrote: The movie can't even decide if his name is Bill or D-Fens. Either way, social commentary undermined by a guy who suffers from an actual mental problem. I'm just saying, it could possibly have been more interesting if Douglas were, in fact, an "ordinary" guy.

Stphanie M (ru) wrote: Words cannot describe the heap of feces that is this movie. The acting/dialogue is ridiculous, the dubbing is worse, and the composer should be hung, drawn and quartered. It's so embarassing it's hilarious. Makes for a night of good fun. So seriously, you should see it. It's the Indonesian 80's film industry at the top of its game.

Natalie M (it) wrote: Warren Beatty makes a brilliant film as director, co-writer, and star. A very moving and epic portrayal of the story of American communists John Reed and Louise Bryant. The use of the documentary-like witness accounts helps ground the film and makes the events and people feel all the more real.

Ethan H (de) wrote: Good directing but a hollow story.

Rob L (it) wrote: An ingenious "what if" scenario that speculates what life in Britain would have been like had the Nazis taken over, albeit with the war still raging elsewhere rather than a depiction of the thousand year Reich Hitler dreamed of, this film has perhaps suffered in impact due to the subsequent ascension to power of the likes of Margaret Thatcher and Geoirge Osborne! That said, it's chilling in places and rather than a Gung Ho, war-focused piece, is just as powerful when it comes to the racial policies enacted by the Nazis and their British collaborators. I have always thought that many of my fellow Englishmen would have acted equally as venally as the Germans had circumstances been different and this provides a keen illustration of this. Very little known so worthy of a remake I'd say.

Wesley J (es) wrote: A hidden gem in the Disney catalogue, and a must for cat lovers.

Charles P (nl) wrote: Mystery Men is an overstretched, indistinct, unrestrained bouncy castle of a movie.