Lu pikirlah sendiri

Lu pikirlah sendiri

This film is all about love. A love chemistry between a young couple who have differences on socio backgrounds. A love story between 'the rich and the commonner’. Nabil, an SPM qualifier, is a hard working delivery boy. His routine is all about work... work... and work. His only happiness is just by knowing that he helped his family. If possible, he try to give them some comfort. He filled his life only with work. His discipline makes him a very good person and extremely cautious about negative influences. As to him, SIMPLE LIFE IS THE BEST. While, Natasya is a daughter of a multi-millionaire. She is pursuing her tertiary education at a local University. Due to her beauty, whealthy and glamorous lifestyle, she also get involved in modelling. Her dream is to become a famous model. She wanted to be ’The Beauty With Brain’. As for Natasya, life is too short to be wasted. So, ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN!!

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Dani P (ca) wrote: Too silly. The story is superficial, confusing and boring. And Sloane, the main character, is a pain in the ass. Maybe teens will enjoy this because of Chad Michael Murray or Ashley Benson.

Emily K (es) wrote: Nice try for first time writer/director Jake Paltrow. However, it lacked substance. Martin Freeman is adorable, but the character itself is bland; (that was possibly intentional). And honestly, the ending confused me. I give it a C-, and that's only because he put Jake impossibly gorgeous sister in the film.

Green M (de) wrote: it's ok not the perfect Andrew Does good In the sam movies i didn't like how the webs come outta his Hands I like the web shooters better in this flim

Ugi S (mx) wrote: "Machuca" touchingly visualized the affects of political for childhood, a bittersweet story of a friendship with the tragic ending that won't soon forget.

Charles H (gb) wrote: Not a great story. Not terribly well told. Acting and direction are pretty lame. Skip it, unless you have strong interests in the history.

Carla S (gb) wrote: THIS MOVIE WAS REAL GOOD

Dan K (fr) wrote: I watched this cause of Garry Shandling... and was surprised to find the spiritual offspring of a David Mamet film; although an inferior one. A refreshingly uncompromised script and film for such an a-list cast.

Javis C (ca) wrote: The beginning is different, but later it has the same plot, but with other characters. It is a really bad movie.

Preet S (us) wrote: unbelievable flick!!!

victor l (ag) wrote: One of the most decent works by John Sturges, only bested by The Great Escape. Hour of the Gun is an entertaining picture. However, it has its flaws and parts where the action lacked excitement. Sometimes I didn't feel Wyatt Earp was really seeking revenge. A Kind of weird sensation. The movie is good thanks to James Garner and Jason Robards, whose performances are charming and portrayed a genuine friendship.

Daniel R (au) wrote: Rating: 8.25/10 (a very tenuous score, as this film is too complex to rate fairly after just one viewing)

Courtney C (au) wrote: I'm sorry, but I thought it was hilarious. I love De Niro as a dirty grandpa and Efron as a stick in the mud.