Lua Cambará - Nas Escadarias do Palácio

Lua Cambará - Nas Escadarias do Palácio


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Brandon W (ru) wrote: For this film, it was odd to just found a missing interview of Steve Jobs, and make that a documentary film. I think it is weird to make documentary films out of interviews unless that movie talks about that certain thing, but if it's just a regular interview with the interviewer asking questions to Steve Jobs and he answered, it doesn't really work and felt like it should've been free. But with that said, it is a great interview movie. The ways in detail that Steve Jobs say, makes you interested in this guy. There might be some parts where I wasn't that interested, but Steve Jobs still does kept me interested in what he say till the end. The interviewer does ask some interesting questions, and Steve Jobs gives some interesting answers. You can tell that he's been through a lot, whether you feel sorry for him or not. Great interview, just as interesting as his other interviews.

Kyle L (ag) wrote: I was willing to see another Dead Space movie after watching Dead Space Downfall. I decided to watch Dead Space Aftermath and when I saw the film I didn't like it that much but it's ok. It may not be as good as Dead Space Downfall but it's fine. This film takes place after the first Dead Space game when Earth lost contact with the USG Ishimura and Isaac Clarke but also the USG O' Bannion. Four crew members were found in the ship and all four of them are about to be asked with questions where their secrets will be revealed. I quite liked this film after I watched it. It was just fine but it isn't as good as Dead Space Downfall for some reason. Although the story isn't dark and deep as Dead Space Downfall but the plot is just fine for some reason and the movie was quite nice. My only complain with this film is that there are some animations from Dead Space Downfall but the use of bad CGI effects and 3D animations wasn't really good for one reason and there are lots of poor special effects in the film as well. Seriously there are several scenes in the film where there's a lot of CGI effects and there are other scenes as well here they use poor special effects and bad 3D animations. There's a scene where the CGI spiders started coming out in Borgas mouth in which that scene looks completely fake and ridiculous. The CGI space ship looks fake and the CGI fire effects were really fake and ridiculous but the CGI characters looks really nice and they were good animation effects for one reason and the only good 3D scene in the film is when the drill goes towards the camera. Now the voice acting is good and the film also has a few scares as well it also has some great gore scenes as well. Anyways the violence is just solid and the climax isn't so dark as Dead Space Downfall. I would give this film a 5/10 because the movie has a good plot. The film also has good scares and great gore scenes but the film itself suffered from bad 3D animation effects, Poor special effects and really bad CGI effects towards the entire film

Facebook U (ru) wrote: This is a great movie, JCVD does a good job with the script and the idea is very interesting since we have so many movies about time travel this is one that shows that if time travel was real we would need a police force so good idea. Also I found I really cared about the characters I wanted to see Walker save his wife this movie is no Citizen Kane but then again it isn't supposed to be

Rmy V (br) wrote: Half baked. Dark humor is hard to pull off especially when mixed with sentimentality. Some funny overacting by most involved. Good for a few lol moments.

Remo B (mx) wrote: America's introduction to the maniacally brilliant Roberto Benigni! A wonderful cast , great soundtrack and beautifully captured in B & W. Another great film set in the Big Easy.

Steve J (kr) wrote: Wow! I'm surprised Eastwood took on a role like this, showing that Dirty Harry has a kinky side too I guess. Pretty grim stuff, but at least it's ultimately a moral film. Very good, nice suspense. One of his best non-westerns.

Lucas Q (ca) wrote: The funny moments for this are few and far between mainly relying on star cameos for its strongest humor.

Malik R (es) wrote: One of Walt Disney's foremost masterpieces.Seventy-five years after its debut, it's still stands as a staggering and revelatory achievement.

Jimmy N (es) wrote: Best Anime movie of 2001

Adam D (us) wrote: A decent horror flick