Luck by Chance

Luck by Chance

A struggling actor comes from Delhi to Bombay and enters the Hindi film industry. This gives the audience an in sight into what sometimes happens when making a movie and what happens in the industry and more when it involves the opposite sex and when you are working together.

A struggling actor comes from Delhi to Bombay and enters the Hindi film industry. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Manic M (it) wrote: only worth watching the fights

Rosemarie S (ru) wrote: good & funny about life's priorities...

Tristan M (kr) wrote: Germany has made some great anti-war films, Stalingrad and Cross of Iron being two of the better ones. But this stands above them all. Shows the dark ends of being on the losing side, when the whole world wants you dead and hung above the streets like a trophy. Claustrophobic, almost always beneath ground in secret tunnels, Hitler in his crazy last days, and almost everyone at the end ends up committing suicide. It's hard to watch at times, such as the scene where Goebbels has to kill her children in their sleep with suicide pills. You want to hate them all for what they have done, but you see they are a humans with families, even Hitler. And you find yourself feeling hopeful they will somehow survive. But, spoilers, we only know for sure that two will live. It's a rare occasion, were the whole cast is at the end, lying dead. Not a movie for those who have no interest in the subject, or you will be extremely bored. Number eleven on my top 15 favourite war movie list.

Altered E (us) wrote: I actually personally know Johnathan Tiersten, one of the lead actors in this film personally; he was a guitarist in a band I played in. He attended a screening of Sleepaway Camp in a local film festival, and I was there. I felt bad laughing at it, but this movie is at times absurdly funny. So yes, lots of accidental narm, but this is also a genuinely good suspense movie, and the twist at the end made the audience scream in incredulity, not terror; the movie still earned a standing ovation. I actually genuinely love this film, it's a good palette cleanser for a double bad movie feature -save it for after a truly atrocious movie.

Vlada P (jp) wrote: Sedi, lezi, "opusti se", pogledaj film, slusaj muziku, UZIVAJ!

Codie E (au) wrote: A real curiosity. At the beginning I was unimpressed with the performances and characters; snobby, pretentious, arrogant. But as the film progressed and thanks to the length of time (over 3 and a half hours!) we begin to see the cracks in the characters and the actors, once settled, excel in their roles. A unique viewing experience.

Stef B (kr) wrote: Beautifully shot and a great soundtrack. I love Giallo!

FilmGrinder S (es) wrote: Jewels, romance, jealously and very little action. I didn't think it was bad it all. Prehaps a bit slow for todays' crowds and yes, it was very predicable.

Ruth L (kr) wrote: See it if only for the fact that Hepburn plays a girl/man for most of the movie. It is very odd, but it pulls you in.