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Ben Keller is sort of a bumbler who carries a torch for Lucy, a co-worker he's known since childhood. She's indifferent until he wins $36 million in the Iowa lottery; trouble is, he murdered the young woman who bought the ticket (it's not his first murder), but the mercenary Lucy doesn't discover Ben's secret until their honeymoon. She figures out that he murders women who look like her, so she's probably safe: she'd like to wait for the next lottery check to come in the mail, then run away. Ben knows she knows and wants her to love him anyway. With a police detective sniffing around and Ben's protective mother watching things carefully, can Lucy make a great escape? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Hayden L (nl) wrote: Australia has possibly come out with the scariest film ever made! This film plays like a documentary with faux interviews and found footage material in the vein of Blair Witch Project, these scenes develop characters in a rather unique way that only few other horror films have so that by the time the terror starts we are invested in in the characters enough to actually care what happens to them. Character development aside this is a truly terrifying film that is absolutely NOT for people who are easily frightened, the fright scenes are extremely well developed and unlike many horror films that fail to keep their own tension this film manages to hold the tension levels at nerve racking levels throughout the rest of the film. The filmmakers were wise to only show their monster ever so briefly and give no background on it leaving the audiences imagination to run wild like every great horror film and what is glimpsed it quite frightening. I can't wait till they make a sequel since what we have here is a supremely terrifying, disturbing, and masterful horror film that has frightened this reviewer in multiple viewings! I cannot imagine why any horror film fan wouldn't love this film which I highly recommend to anyone who has ever watched a horror film since this one will stay in ones memory for years.

Michael A (br) wrote: The more I see Chloe Grace Mortez, the more I literally want to smack her in her stupid bland annoying bitch face.

Philip N (de) wrote: A mature story that explores love, childhood, obsession, and personal growth. Does a great job at fighting stereotypes...while maintaining some at the same time. Better than I thought it would be.

Matthew L (ru) wrote: This is maybe the most heartbreaking film I've ever seen. I just watched it, so I can't even begin to talk about it. But wow, I'm not sure there are words.

Kayla B (ca) wrote: Great twister movie. Love it.

Private U (ag) wrote: Interesting story behind how I found this movie: I bought an Andy Lau CD years ago and it has a bonus VCD. On it there's a MTV of a song on the album with clips from what looked like a movie. After some searching on the net, I found out that the movie's called "Needing You." Being a die-hard Andy fan I bought the movie without reading any reviews (turns out that the reviewers raved it!). Oh yeah, back to the movie itself. It's good :)

Jim A (au) wrote: Good British comedy with most of the cast from Football Factory.

Dave S (jp) wrote: Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington mark this film absolutely amazing!!! Brilliant!!!

Vinay M (fr) wrote: One of the most beautiful movie

Kelly H (it) wrote: A must watch!! <3

Karen H (es) wrote: 2016-01-09 pretty good

Jimmy H (fr) wrote: Looking for something to get Grandpa for his birthday? Mention Bette Page and I'll bet you get a smile. She was the "cats meow" back in the '50s. Thanks to Hugh Hefner there's a large Bette Page cult following. It's "R" rated for sexual conent and graphic nudity, so make sure if you buy this one for Grandpa, there's a nurse close by.

Chris L (es) wrote: The fish-out-of-water story is predictably amusing but never dull. Of all the Star Trek films, this one is the most innocently fun.

Denise O (gb) wrote: if i could rate it more then5 then it would be a big 10 cos i just love watching grays anatomy also Patrick Dempsey he's just so dreamy

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