Lucky Kabootar

Lucky Kabootar

Lucky (Eijaz Khan) loves 'modern' Kammo (Shradha Das) but ends up marrying the girl-next-door Lakshmi (Kulraj Randhawa). An accident leads him to believe that his wife is dead. Instead of mourning her death, he falls into Kammo's arms. Turns out, he's not that lucky.

Lucky (Eijaz Khan) loves 'modern' Kammo (Shradha Das) but ends up marrying the girl-next-door Lakshmi (Kulraj Randhawa). An accident leads him to believe that his wife is dead. Instead of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan C (ca) wrote: It is actually quite awful. To even think of it as a film, you have to get by the terrible acting. But that is a task that is almost too hard to accomplish, as it is down right horrendous and makes it almost laughable to try to take it seriously. The story is very unoriginal as one marriage is failing and as another marriage, they try to fix it, only to land on the rocks themselves. This is a predictable plot line and very boring to watch as it is too predictable. There is a few laughs, whether it is at the acting or the lines of dialogue is still hard to tell.

Emalee A (nl) wrote: A bit too made for TVish for my liking but it was a nice change of pace from the usual serial killer movies (yes, I'm referring to yours Mr. Lommel)

Nadja A (br) wrote: Nette Komdie mit anscheinend einem grossen Budget. Prag, Venedig, Berlin, London.. wow! Story nichts Neues, ab und zu auch sehr unrealistisch, aber Darsteller berzeugen dank der stimmigen Chemie.

Olive B (ca) wrote: Really good, there are some slow parts, but overall I really like it.

Sherri R (kr) wrote: the end stunned me, what an amazing movie, I see why Angelina said it changed her life.

Francisco L (ag) wrote: One of the best 90's slasher movie. The powerfull performances by the actors, mainly by Sarah Gellar and the sharp thrills that this movie bring to us are enough to construct this original story full of suspense.

Bill G (it) wrote: I was just reading about an anti-gay church, The Word of Faith Fellowship, which has continually come under fire for its alleged cult-like behaviors and severe treatment of members, particularly young people. In 1995, the church was the subject of an "Inside Edition" report on its "blasting" techniques. So these "blasting" techniques involve a person being encircled by church members and subjected to high-pitched shrilling sounds and screams. And the very first thing I thought of was "Steel Magnolias."

Jeffrey P (ru) wrote: Huston's adaptation of Malcolm Lowry's novel is a painfully slow, occasionally bizarre descent into the destruction of former British consul Geoffrey Firmin (Albert Finney), in spite of the return of his estranged wife Yvonne (Jacqueline Bisset). Your appreciation will probably turn on how compelling you find self-destructive characters, and Finney's performance. Interestingly, the film looks as if it were shot ten years earlier, and shares a bit of material with the director's "Night of the Iguana" - a fallen man struggling through a landscape of pain and desire (also in Mexico). Unfortunately, as the opening titles make clear, Geoffrey won't reach the other side.

Michael L (au) wrote: this was my second and probable last venture into the films of lina wertfuller. i really should have liked this a lot more but found myself not into the story. i love fernando rey too and was bummed we didnt see more of him

Neil P (ag) wrote: Not exactly Frd Astaire's best film, but it still is fun to watch, and for me, the song and dance rotuine for "Coffee Time" more than makes up for the rest of the movie's flaws! An enjoyable film to watch every now and then!

Thomas W (au) wrote: Bettie Page Reveals All is a documentary film from Academy Award nominated documentarian Mark Mori (Building Bombs) about the early life and times of the raven-haired pin-up queen/model/actress of the 1940's and 50's named Bettie Page that is narrated by the late star herself (Page passed in 2008 at the age of 85). After seeing a "biographical" film about her "notorious" self in 2005, Page was upset with the risqu adjective people were using to describe her and so she decided to strike back and reclaim her own image! Her modeling career is legendary and in this doc she interestingly reflects upon the highs and lows of both her life and her career which she eventually abandoned when she met Christ and become Born Again. The film chronicles her various relationships and marriages and also touches on her sad case of mental illness. One could say the film meanders and strays from subject to subject but the entire film is Bettie Page - warts and all. Bettie Page was a surprisingly shy human being who lived a full life and was comfortable in her own skin. That she was comfortable doing what she did isn't surprising but learning of her other character flaws and past tragedies is.

Daniel I (gb) wrote: Mallrats is Kevin Smith's most underrated film and was underappreciated upon release. Thankfully these days it's looked upon as a masterpiece, that it is!

Jessica D (it) wrote: Couldn't get into it.