Lucky Luke and the Daltons

Lucky Luke and the Daltons

Joe and Averell are the eldest and youngest of the four Dalton brothers, the worst outlaws in Wild West history...

Joe and Averell are the eldest and youngest of the four Dalton brothers, the worst outlaws in Wild West history... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher B (ca) wrote: Obviously a completely unoriginal story lifted from the Jonestown Massacre except for a couple parts that are changed but make absolutely no sense whatsoever to the story.

Sameen M (fr) wrote: Greta Gerwig is the fucking worst

Caterina Z (it) wrote: Right mix between drama and comedy, something funny and something moving. Beautiful performance of Del Toro a bit ' less for Olga Kurylenko . overall, a good movie that addresses lightly and carefree a sensitive topic such as the war and its results.

Jim M (kr) wrote: Surreal, yet the visual splendor of social realism. A strange compilation of human interaction, posing questions regarding the afterlife and reincarnation.

bill s (ag) wrote: Hard to watch rather blase type movie.

Edward B (nl) wrote: In 1993, two dinosaur movies came out. Jurassic Park was one of them. But a month before that film was released, out came Carnosaur, a ridiculous B-movie with effects comparable to the Godzilla movies. A mad scientist decides to wipe out humanity and return dinosaurs to the kings of the world by releasing a virus that impregnates all the women in the world with dinosaur eggs, which will kill them when they give birth. Sound nuts?

Gavin S (au) wrote: The Director's Cut takes the Original and the Special Edition and fuses them together into a hybrid which is the film that Spielberg wants people to see. He tells us in a short interview that he never wanted to show the inside of the spaceship, yet was pressured to by the studio (can you imagine a studio telling Spielberg what to do?? My how time changes.) in exchange for more $$ to shoot some extra things he wanted to add (the ship in the desert particularly, and the shadow of the UFO over the truck on the road).

James G (fr) wrote: Solid but mostly unspectacular Amicus anthology - I much prefer the atmospheric and darkly humorous "The House That Dripped Blood" but not quite as creaky as "Dr Terror's House of Horrors". There are some good instalments as with all of this series and notable performances by Donald Pleasance and his daughter Angela, Margaret Leighton as an eccentric medium (she steals the show), David Warner, Diana Dors (in her blowsier, mature period but you can still see the great beauty within) and Ian Ogilvy and Lesley Anne Down as an impossibly beautiful young couple with lovely hair. Peter Cushing is charming as the wily shopkeeper whose antique shop links the four vignettes. There are no great twists or shocks, but it's very well made with some unconventional establishing shots, and has a lot of charm.

Teresa K (es) wrote: Jean Simmons is captivating in this.

Brett C (jp) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:Christmas is just around the corner, so better to start now with holiday-themed films in order to get me into the holiday spirit. Four Christmases, or Four Holidays in Australia, was a film that I had fond memories of, back when it was released in 2008; watching it with my cousins during a holiday in Houston, gouging down on popcorn filled with butter, evoking a laugh or two during the experience. It is little moments like these that make the Christmas holiday beautiful, being with your family and loved ones, taking part in crowded and forced activities just to be with one another; it's not until now that I am much older and more attached with my nuclear family that I could appreciate these little pieces of my life.As a film, Four Christmases is far from the best in the genre but it does occasionally hold up with surprising comedic elements and decent chemistry between its two leads. There were moments that left me and my sister in sudden burst of laughter, particularly from Vince Vaughn and it was because of this, it fills out the moments throughout that felt empty and lifeless. The film also preaches the importance of family but it never does anything substantial with it, leaving the relationship between the central characters with their respective families undeveloped, in service for a comedic moment at the end. I also found the pacing of the film to be slow during a couple of instances, feeling too long for a film that should be fast paced and on point; thankfully, as I have said, the film's comedy that comes in once in a while saves it from being such a chore.Four Christmases does not aim to become more than what it is, but as a comedy it does work much strongly than its competitors; it is only too bad that it does not have enough heart to compensate.

Facebook U (gb) wrote: I'm not one to seek out cheesy movies. I'd much rather watch a good movie rather than a cheesy one, but despite that fact, I found this movie amusing. I feel like if I have to tell you not to take this movie seriously then you have questionable intelligence. Now yes, "Leprechaun" is a terrible movie. It's filled with stupid characters, corny dialogue, and bad acting. The leprechaun in the movie is neither scary nor witty, but it's always fun to see where he'll pop up next, and the fact that they got an actual dwarf to play him gives the movie extra points for authenticity. It's a hilariously bad movie that will cater to cheese and slasher buffs just like "Sex and the City" caters to middle aged women.