Lucrezia giovane

Lucrezia giovane

In the early 16th century Italy is ruled by the powerful Borgia family, led by Cesare Borgia and his sister Lucrezia. In a ruthless power play, Cesare plots to have his sister’s husband murdered.

Simonetta Stefanelli stars as Lucrezia Borgia in Luciano Ercoli's versionof the early life of this fascinating historical persona. If the accuracy of the historical facts may be drawn into ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aravind R (nl) wrote: Packed with enough thrill to keep you at the edge of the seat.

Alfin N (jp) wrote: Of course, shaky handheld cam is a must.

Guillaume L (kr) wrote: Nouvelle collaboration de Christian Petzold avec Nina Hoss. Sans atteindre les sommets de "Toter Mann", c'est un nouveau coup de maitre ! Comme dans les films precedents de Petzold, on retrouve dans "Yella" ce sens decale du thriller et de la romance qui fait d'une histoire a priori deja vue (ce serait d'ailleurs un remake officieux de "Carnival of souls") quelque chose d'unique dans lequel on plonge. Subtil, elegant et intelligent comme a chaque film. A quand une veritable reconnaissance internationale pour l'oeuvre de Petzold ?

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Khalid A (br) wrote: this is not a real sequel to a greatest animated movie of all time

Tanaya B (ca) wrote: Fascinating documentary. I never knew any of this and it was interesting to learn. Maya Lin is an extraordinary artist and I really enjoyed just listening to her talk about her work. Inspiring.

Andy P (mx) wrote: Gus Vant Sant doesn't stifle his artistic, avant-garde impulses for the sake of accessibility in this profound and moving take on Shakespeare's Henry IV, which is made all the more special by brilliant performances from Reeves and Phoenix, Reeves' natural melancholy perfectly suited to the anachronistic bard-speak he delivers in certain scenes. The picture is a perfect blend of humor and pathos, and a touching tale of friendship and love.

Erin O (es) wrote: Creepy. Didn't see that ending coming.

Kong M (jp) wrote: I have been searching for a film that can surpass Ikiru (watched 2008) in terms of reaching to the lowest depths of human condition, and finally there is one that comes close to it, and its a Kurosawa too! Akahige is seriously way beyond typical Kurosawa films (xcept Ikiru) because it is so heavy to watch. The level of emotional, humane influence projected is unexpected from an old classic and is on par with some of the heaviest tear-jerking films I have seen e.g. Joy Luck Club. This film is fundamentally one of those 'lessons in life' human drama masterpieces and I cant help but shed tears like every 15 min because the stories from the patients, staff and families connected to those patients are just beyond touching. I am also surprised that some elements are played out way beyond his time, for instance the suspense and the performance by a 'nymphomaniac' approaching the apprentice's life is as good as any modern psychological thriller. Why this film is memorable:- One of the very very selective few films since Joy Luck Club that made me cry so much...thanks to overwhemingly touching stories that gave way to the following points- the acting performance of a dying patient suffering from pancreas cancer. One of the best I have seen.- Sahachi's words to change the apprentice's rebellious nature of not wanting to wear uniforms: 'please wear the uniforms. If u do, we will know that u are a doctor. Poor people like us cannot afford doctors and will b extremely happy to see one.'- The suicide act of Onaka -- something I have not come across in non-Japanese films, because, ironically, it wasnt that depressing as she kills herself in Sahachi's embrace- Sahachi's stretched-out hands right before his death- Red Beard's attempts to feed a 'rebellious' teenage girl who was actually traumatized for a long time. WOW, that's a superb presentation of such profound understanding of human nature.- After realising Chobo's heartbreaking story, Otoyo accepted the candies stolen by the boy for her sake but forced him to take them back to feed his siblings. Wonderful.- The 'yelling down to the well' act. Its more beautiful than any other prayer because it is a simple, desperate act of hope.- A very UNUSUAL point to add: Red Beard's attempt to disable (and in the end amputated) the limbs of his assailants just to save Otoyo from her despair. He went against his call of duty :D

Melissa M (es) wrote: Better in some ways than the modern version--less romance. But not too good.

K D (es) wrote: I really loved the chemistry between Lombard and Gable in this film. It was unique in the fact that you could really feel it growing in the film and it wasn't just a single level throughout.

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