Shankar and Buddhu are identical twins. Shankar, unbeknownst to Buddhu, has found love with a painter; Buddhu meanwhile falls in love with the painter’s sister, who works at his office. As neither sister knows her lover has a twin, and Buddhu is unaware of Shankar’s romance, confusion ensues.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1958
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
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Chris C (ag) wrote: Undeniably funny and touching to boot, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins is an inspirational lighthearted comedy that delivers a solid narrative and one of Martin Lawrence's better performances.

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Archibald T (jp) wrote: FBI agent Ray Levoi is sent to investigate a murder on a Sioux Indian reservation. Ray is part Sioux himself except he doesn't care or at this point doesn't really fully understand his heritage yet. He had a father who was a half-blooded Sioux until he drank himself to death in front of him and his mother. This is his basic avoidance of his heritage which begins to stir as he is appointed to take on this case simply based on his roots to the Sioux.An interesting set up begins for Ray as he investigates the murder he starts having visions of the Wounded Knee massacre which took the lives of several Native Americans especially one hero named 'Thunderheart'. The elders of the Sioux believe that Ray is the reincarnation of Thunderheart. They believe he's come to take away what is troubling their peaceful way of living.As more murders begin to sprout up Ray digs deep into what he eventually discovers as a controversial government plot to shake up American Indian activists and the reservation's pro-government ruling council which are willing to start violence with the Sioux tribe. The government's shake up of these two is based on a plan to buy out the reservation in order to mine for Uranium. So, they don't mine killing off Native Americans if it means they can get their hands on Uranium. Gotta love the government!Set in 1970 and based on true events, this is an extremely well made film and not to mention very trippy as well. Especially scenes with Kilmer having visions. Also, and I must stress this, the film was shot in South Dakota and the scenery is so beautiful. Especially shots of the sky on a cloudy, but sunny day. Overall, great performances, direction, script and scenery.

Courtney K (nl) wrote: at first i thought it was going to be similar to Pandemic (2009), but it was not -- i thought it was pretty decent though. i didn't love it, but i think it deserves more than the 24% critic rating...

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