Lullaby of Bareland

Lullaby of Bareland

A nudie-cutie paste job consisting of three short films slapped together to make a feature. Virginia Bell and Anne Howe topline.

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Chris J (ag) wrote: A little too loose with improv for Andy Daly & Rob Riggle, who really try to make something out of this, and it's completely underwritten for Lauren Graham. Paint-by-numbers in this "Diary of a Wimpy Kid"-esque default retread.

Cynthia S (us) wrote: Confusing. Slow. Sick...

Kaimar K (ca) wrote: The story might have been average, but the visuals were interesting and the soundtrack was good. Requires patience to watch and won't rock your world, but 1.5 hours well spent nevertheless.

Anshul T (es) wrote: After the dissapointments which came last year in the form of a Hancock or a Hulk, a Ghajini or a Rab ne(and please don't even get me started on the Tashans, Singh is Kings and suchlike), I was really looking forward to watching Luck By Chance(LBC).In his review Rajeev Masand spoke about the opening credits sequence and indeed it is mindblowing especially the shot where Zoya's name comes. LBC is a part-serious part-hilarious look at the hindi fIlm industry. A place which is full of punjabi producers, kanpuria strugglers, overprotective divas, dumb stardaughters, selfish friends and manipulating magazine editors. Zoya Akhtar, having seen most of the behind-the-scenes action herself, narrates the story of Vikram Jai Singh(Farhan) and Sona Mishra(Konkona) beautifully. So you have Zafar Khan(Hrithik), reigning superstar walking out of a producer's film to play second lead in a Karan Johar movie, the flop actor(Sanjay Kapoor) of a big producer turning director, a yesteryear's actress(Dimple) scripting every move of her daughter(Isha Sharwani) to make her entry into Bollywood easier and the saddest but the funniest of the lot, producer Romi Rolly(Rishi Kapoor) who is trying to manage everybody.There are cameos by almost half the fillum industry(Aamir, SRK, Abhishek, Vivek, Ranbir, Dia, Akshaye Khanna, Javed Akhtar, Shabana Azmi, Manish Malhotra) including a brilliant two scene cameo of Anurag Kashyap as a (DVD copycat) writer. The pace is somewhat slow but the gags and punches keep you in the loop. The entire cast plays their part to a T but the highlight is Rishi Kapoor as producer Romi Rolly. He is funny, cunning and emotional at the same time. The only weak link I found in the film is Farhan(who is unconvincing in some scenes) and the music.Luck by Chance is an exciting debut by Zoya Akhtar. Not to be missed.

David J (us) wrote: Like a (classier) Larry Clark film from a woman's perspective.

Evan H (kr) wrote: It's a pretty bad movie with a worthless plot. The actors work hard to bring the characters to life but it lacks any substance due to a poorly written script. It had potential with the whole suicide hotline but other than that it drags on too long at times. Madeline Kahn and Liev Schreiber are the main highlights of this movie. I have to say that's the only reason I stayed with it. Not something I'd watch again anytime soon!

Nancy M (ca) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie...kept me going! The thought of a doppleganger has always fasinated me, but this does it with a sexy twist!!

Carl M (mx) wrote: The mean streets of New York will never be the same when a timid seamstress is transformed into the avenging angel of death after being brutally raped by two separate attackers. Armed with a .45 caliber pistol, she heads out into the night looking for trouble, and answering it with a bullet. Abel Ferrara's stunning follow-up to the sordid slasher, THE DRILLER KILLER, keeps with the same cynical sense of humor and dark depiction of New York City, but with a notable improvement in style. No man is safe once Thana decides to fight back, but in her deranged state, even an innocent gesture becomes reason enough to kill. We see the shift from helpless victim to crazed killer through Zo Lund's emotive performance, which relies heavily on the actress' ability to express through her eyes given her character's inability to speak. The men in the movie all come from the lowest dredges of society; the pimps, drug dealers, and pornographers that pollute the city until Thana can wipe it clean again. In spite of the gritty surroundings, Ferrara keeps things moving at a clean pace with crisp cinematography. The oppressive scenes of rape and murder are counterbalanced by the pitch black humor, with Thana's murderous rampage finally coming to a close in the unforgettable Halloween party from Hell. Although the story is simplistic in nature, MS. 45 easily ranks towards the top of the charts in the Rape and Revenge genre.

Spencer H (br) wrote: Men in Black is full of fun visuals, fun action, and crazy aliens, it's a movie worth watching. The chemistry between the two leads is amazing and hilarious.