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Lumberjacking torrent reviews

Matt N (de) wrote: The Raid 2 is the best crime saga sequel to grace the silver screen since probably The Godfather: Part 2, yes it's that good!! Every chaotic scene after another is set up so brilliantly and balls to the wall that it will have fans of the genre drooling at the mouth. The characters are lively and put on one heck of a blood drenched show and will have you chanting for more, the film is one hell of crowd pleaser and manages to be even crazier and entertaining than the predecessor.The Raid 2 hits the target and then some and is definitely worth the price of admission more than any movie out right now if you have the stomach for it and although I enjoyed Captain American: The Winter Soldier, The Raid 2 is far more badass than that flick and has one hell of an leading hero and he doesn't even have superhero powers. People should be lining up to see this film, SEE IT NOW!!!!!The performances were all solid and the stunts they do deserve a standing ovation! Iko Uwais, who plays Rama is one hell of an action star and the best of his kind since probably Bruce Lee, he is a force in the action world to be reckoned with and will have you rooting for him every step of the way. Julie Estelle, who plays Hammer Girl is one of the major highlights of the film and has one of the best scenes of the movie and was nice to have woman kick some major ass than just all men, a smart and refreshing move. The other highlights of the film was Very Tri Yulisman as Baseball Bat Man and Yayan Ruhian as Prakoso, they were both brilliantly insane!!!! The list goes on!!!!Director and Writer, Gareth Evans should be hailed as the new king of action and crime films!!! Bravo man, bravo!!! After his batshit crazy segment Safe Haven in V/H/S/ 2 and now with The Raid saga, the man validates himself as a very bold director that seems to be getting better and better with his craft and deeper with his writing. He is one of my favorite directors now and I can't wait to see what he throws at us next!!Overall, The Raid 2 is one of the best sequels ever made that will have everything you want, yet still has you begging for more. The story is grimmer, the action more blood dripping sensational and even more crazy characters, and I loved every second of it!!!! Bring on The Raid 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rae H (ca) wrote: This movie blew my mind! It's hard to watch at times because your jaw will drop and you'll be too caught up on hearing the voices to catch them all. Very interesting and enlightening. Definitely a good way to distract yourself for a bit and for a good quick laugh.

Deborah M (ag) wrote: David Tennant is charming and engaging. A light rom-com worth a watch.

Ian P (kr) wrote: Loved it! A young Sydney band struggle to get their first break. Very stylishly directed, and very funny (love the accidentally drugged up tea party). And there's one lovely twist at the end.

Luis J (nl) wrote: Fantastic movie, suggest watching if your into hood films.

Jordan T (de) wrote: A very sweet coming-of-age tale that deals with Apu's adolescent years, and really drives home the message of change that occurs when you enter adulthood. Apu spends the first portion in Benares, and when his father dies, moves with his mother back to their village and supports her as a priest. He goes to school and eventually sets off to college in Calcutta. The second in the trilogy it is a sweet ode to the time in our lives when things change, for better or worse. Apu's visits home from college are especially poignant in my life. I thoroughly anticipate the final film.

Dave A (ag) wrote: Safety Pin. Stay safe... use a safety pin. Safety pin for the win!