Luna Park

Luna Park

Alexia Bissett, ex actress turned producer, lives in New York where she now produces gay cinema. After being called to take care of a situation which involves her young mute brother Christi, she decides to send her right hand man Maxwell to deal with it instead. Alexia owns an apartment complex in California called Luna Park, where her young actors stay while on location. Christi is the apartment caretaker and has been caught hiding in the closet of one of her actors he has a crush on. Maxwell feels indebted to Alexia for taking him off the streets and accepts the task with little protest. When Maxwell and Christi fall in love, Alexia is suddenly forced to deal with the secrets of her past, one of which threatens the boys young love in a way they can't even imagine

Alexia Bissett, ex actress turned producer, lives in New York where she now produces gay cinema. After being called to take care of a situation which involves her young mute brother Christi... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan M (us) wrote: A sweet and charming film that loses steam as it gets overlong and too conventional. However, there's enough in Huard's performance and Scott's direction to make the film enjoyable. Hopefully the American re-make won't be too disappointing.

Gayle R (it) wrote: I hope its as good as its Name sounds !

Jenny Lou F (au) wrote: It was a cute, high school type movie. I still watch it when it comes on TV.

Matthew D (mx) wrote: What starts off as a detective story with potential becomes a scare-free horror. There's still enjoyment to be had, especially in the supporting cast and the fantasy elements, which seem more real for being grounded in the first half, something Burton often fails to do.

Black S (fr) wrote: Not worthy of the original graphic-novels, a 1960's oriented take in the same vein as the Peter Sellers/David Niven abomination Hipster-swinging 60's culture-I sold out -the-rights-to-my-book-Ian-Fleming-Version-of "Casino Royale". Watching Cute fashion model Italian cigarette-smoking babester and Bond-Type Girl Monica Vitti only makes this tolerable, but in an era when movie depictions of powerful women were scarce, and Judo trained Avengers girls like Honor Blackman in leather fetish gear were all the Carnaby Street rage in England, Vitti's version of Modesty did not quite measure up, but at least gave us a fiesty female heroine who could semi-kick butt yet remain "girly" enough by mainstream social standards....On the positive side, one of the main things I remember is the music associated with the film, done by Jazz genius Johnny Dankworth, who also did the original music for the Honor Blackman era (connections?) series of "The Avengers" which remains a great example of the cool/crime jazz style of music....In 2004, another version "My name is Modesty" was produced, a little closer to the original O'Donnell version with a Tarantino production credit, (which was 180 degrees opposite from the Vitti version), but without the tricks in the original, such as Modesty dropping her top to distract the bad guys...Interested should watch both and decide for themselves...

Maiar D (nl) wrote: A rather boring movie for starters but a masterpiece full of expressions and symbols and meanings for professionals.

Tim S (kr) wrote: Based upon the novel by Frederick Forsyth, The Dogs of War was released in 1980 and was directed by John Irvin, who is better known as the director of films like Next of Kin, Raw Deal, and Hamburger Hill. The film stars Christopher Walken as a former mercenary for hire who is coaxed into going on a reconnaissance mission to the fictional African nation of the Republic of Zangaro in order to get information about a violent leader there named President Zimba for a wealthy bureaucrat. After acquiring and delivering the information, he and his cohorts are paid to go back into Zangaro and take Kimba out of power by any means necessary. On the surface, The Dogs of War functions as a sort of Rambo-type action movie in the third act, leaving the first two acts feeling like pointless setup. We're under the impression at first that the film is going to be a character study of some kind, or perhaps even a revenge story. We learn a great deal about Walken's character, especially as it pertains to his relationship with his ex-wife. The focus is so strongly planted on Walken's character that the other members of his company, who come into play much later in the story, have little to no build up. We virtually know nothing about them other than their abilities in combat. It's not that the film is tonally all over the place, it's that the story never finds two feet to stand on by sticking to one idea. There are some strong points though, such as Jack Cardiff's cinematography and Walken's performance. Both are quite strong, but there's nothing overly memorable about the story itself. The mission to go after President Kimba in the third act is also handled quite well. It's actually the most engaging portion of the entire film. Unfortunately, it's followed up with an ending that comes directly out of left field without any proper setup for it. It seems as if the film wants to make a statement, but forgot to organize itself enough to make it properly. It's simply a confused movie with little to nothing to invest in, as if the important pieces to make it work were chopped out. It's watchable at certain times, but it feels incomplete.