Luna sleva

Luna sleva


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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1928
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Luna sleva torrent reviews

Belal S (de) wrote: So Emotional with the pure music breaks which well placed in scenes ...

Matthew S (ag) wrote: Highly artistic and studied examination of addiction, depression, damage and alienation which takes place in one day. Joachim Trier manages to say a great deal without saying anything. And just when it feels like Anders is going to slip into a horrifying void, something small but hopeful happens.

Rawballs B (jp) wrote: The waiting is worth watching...

Galen A (mx) wrote: Maybe the coolest family film I've ever seen (if not the best) and it comes from Takahasi Miike proving how much range he has (he's mostly known for violent gangster flicks and disturbing horror films). Brilliant, inventive, creative, and fun this film is the complete opposite of most of the crap that passes for family films from hollywood, Pixar aside ( I'm thinking of the tons and tons of crap hollywood turns out each year like the cgi-tarted Alvin and the Chipmunks or Racing Stripes or Ice Age 12: the dawn of man or whatever, that I think makes children stupider and adults embarrassed to watch). It's actually a cool film full of great special effects and great writing and imagination that everyone in the family can enjoy (though I could see some parts being too frightening for very small children who didn't grow up with some of these characters from Japanese folklore).

Anita R (de) wrote: Amitabh gave an awesome performance. A really good movie for its genre, great cast and all.

Guillermo R (ca) wrote: This movie has all I ever wanted to watch in a movie: action, fights, more action, more fights, a deep and intriguing plot, El Santo, and let's not forget the fight action. Of course, to fully understand the profound message of this movie you need half a bottle of vodka, but, Jesus, he's a bad motherfucker here.

Estellha N (es) wrote: Great movie. Real fun to watch if you like surprising twists to the story. I suppose its not for simpelminded actionfreaks that hunger for idiotic violence.

Jignesh M (it) wrote: ahead of its tym.......beautiful title song....gr8 muzik by shiv kumar sharma N Hari prasad chourasiya.

Ollie W (jp) wrote: Interesting film concerning the South Korean police force struggling with a spate of gruesome copycat murders - could have been so much more, with its nice performances and typically stylish direction, however, it relies too heavily on a terrible "twist-ending" that literaly makes no sense and is a complete and utter cop-out, if you'll excuse the pun. What begins with promise and is carried by it's slow boiling sense of mystery and the general high standard of it's performances - ends in stupidity and leaves the viewer with very little to cling to come the credits. A rare miss-step for Korean Cinema then, but on a positive note... it made me want to dust off my copies of 'Old-boy' and 'A Bittersweet Life' and re-view them for the umpteenth time.

bel C (us) wrote: "Los Santos Inocentes" (1984) 4/5

Jeff L (nl) wrote: Really, really raw--scatterbrained at best--but man, Scorsese makes a directorial introduction

Marion R (br) wrote: It was cute and fun. I thought it was a nice sweet film.

Wayne C (ca) wrote: Highly watchable insight into Americas first pin up

Emmanuel C (jp) wrote: A very good movie for every person