A cop from the moon is sent to the Earth, now possessed by motorcycle-riding "Mad Max"-like inhabitants, to stop a serum from being released that he believes is going to destroy the Earth...

A cop from the moon is sent to the Earth, now possessed by motorcycle-riding "Mad Max"-like inhabitants, to stop a serum from being released that he believes is going to destroy the Earth... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sergej P (ru) wrote: boring and lame B-movie..

Ed F (mx) wrote: It breaks my heart to give this a bad review, as I am a big fan of Tommy and want to see the story of how the government entrapped and railroaded him exposed as widely as possible. Unfortunately, this is a pretty poor excuse for a documentary -- it lacks any coherent/cohesive focus. Add to that the horrible audio quality (camera mic only) of all of the included stand-up/stage performances, which made watching an exercise in frustration.

Tim G (ag) wrote: Plot:A teenager faces an uphill battle when she fights to give women the opportunity to play competitive soccer.This inspirational movie is loosely based on Elisabeth Shue, who is trying to make the boys' soccer team after her older brother the team's star died. Elisabeth was one of the first girls playing competitive soccer against boys in the 1970s. There were no girls' teams at the time.

Tom R (au) wrote: Overnight is essential watching for filmmakers and for me, someone who despises Troy Duffy's The Boondock Saints, the most fulfilling guilty pleasure ever put to film. Duffy doesn't know how not to be a self-centered tool, which is why Overnight is both enjoyable and compelling to watch. It's basically Scarface in reverse: director Troy Duffy is given the world and his egomania destroys his multi-million dollar film deal, his record contract, and any shred of likability. It has valuable information for filmmakers and love it. Overnight leaves you with some knowledge of the film industry, a tolerance of f-bombs, and this lesson: karma is a sweet b**ch.

Niels S (gb) wrote: Lidt smkedelig biopic om James Braddock, der boksede sig ud af armod og elendighed under Depressionen. Se Rocky eller Raging Bull i stedet.

Bryan G (nl) wrote: When it comes to the majority of Full Moon's movies, you can't really call into question a lot of logic with the stories they are bringing to the screen. Hideous! is one of the more bizarre Full Moon movies I've seen, what with its central characters all being collectors of deformed fetuses. And it also happens to be one of the more enjoyable films I've seen from this studio. The movie doesn't have much merit to it, but in the fashion that it is presented in I came to admire Hideous! a lot. I'm not sure if it was the actors lack of acting abilities, or if each of them were instructed to do so, but Hideous! has some of the most over the top and overly dramatic acting. The characters are presented more like caricatures instead of actual people, but there is a lot of humor that emits from the way these characters are and the way each of the actors portray them. You've got to love a character like Sheila (Jacqueline Lovell), who robs someone at gunpoint wearing only boots, booty shorts and a gorilla mask. Charles Band, who is the head of Full Moon, is rather hit or miss with the features that he's directed for his company. I'm happy to see that Hideous! is one of his more effective films, even with its flaws. And even though the castle that the movie is filmed in has been used in many Full Moon movies before and after, he was able to showcase it in a way that wasn't too distracting. I also liked the inclusion of the acid pit beneath a trap door. The creatures in Hideous! were decently designed, and for the most part were animated fine. The four creatures aren't among the most memorable that Full Moon has created, and Hideous! doesn't put them to much use. There are a few scenes where they do get to kill various characters, but beyond that the film doesn't explore these creatures much or develop them. I wish they could have been a little bit smarter and more sinister like the puppets from the Puppet Master series, or even the toys from Demonic Toys. Hideous! is labeled as a horror film, but I would say that it works more like a comedy. This usually is a bad thing for a horror film, but like many things mentioned before it was one of the many faults that worked in the film's favor. I still don't believe there would be people like the characters in the film that obsess so much over deformed fetuses, well enough to kill over, but at least it makes for an entertaining movie.

Deke P (us) wrote: saw it when it came out.

Darron P (jp) wrote: Possibly the worst film I've ever seen..

Jonathan T (au) wrote: This movie was about as sexist, condescending, and straight-up skeazy as a movie can be and be cast with A-listers. What I learned from this movie:1) CIA agents can spend lots of money, time, and resources on personally violating the rights of those they claim to love.2) Women will be totally cool with all those violations if you're hot.3) Women will always go for the "bad boy" because he changes just for her.4) If you're boning a stewardess on the side, plus have an upskirt swimming pool for your regular conquests, it's totally ok to poach your lonely, divorced friend's romantic interest because you saw her, too. 5) Putting womens' lives in imminent danger because you're an inveterate liar is totally cool if one of them had sex with you.