Lunatics: A Love Story

Lunatics: A Love Story

You have to be a little crazy to fall in love. Hank's downright insane.

In the seedy part of Los Angeles, a man who writes poetry has spent six months without leaving his apartment because of his paranoid delusions involving sadistic doctors, rappers, and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David J (nl) wrote: Let me tell you joke. What is as vapid as the desert and lumbers forward slowly like a dehydrated man lost in the middle of said desert? "Entertainment" - a bleak, dreary, depressing art house film from director Rick Alverson. Let me tell you another joke: Critics praised this film. For what reason, I'm unsure. Sitting through "Entertainment" was single-handedly one of the most punishing and trying movie-watching experiences I've ever had. How ironic... I guess you could say that Alverson forgot to make "Entertainment" entertaining. Buh-dum-tiss. The only grounds on which I could praise this movie is in it's eerie atmosphere, which was established mostly due to the score, and Gregg Turkington's manic performance. But, none of that made the film any less drab. In conclusion, "Entertainment" could be summed up in the two-minute scene where the protagonist makes flatulence noises into the microphone during his set. But, Alverson is the one making the fart noises here and he continues to do so for another ninety minutes. Cue laugh track and rave reviews.

Luciano G (kr) wrote: Sharktopus sounds like fun & I suppose it has a few moments that might be classed as such but overall it's another standard, clichd, predictable & routine creature feature from the Sy-Fy Channel...... it has one of the better monsters but it's still crap though......

John Joseph M (es) wrote: Zero suspense. It looks good but nazi zombies should be fun!

Amina E (fr) wrote: A great guilty pleasure movie.. Perfect for younger audiences

Grant S (es) wrote: The original Into the Blue was pretty lame, and boring, despite some scenes involving Jessica Alba running/swimming around in a bikini, so what possessed the producers to make a sequel? This is even worse. The plot is very unoriginal, very contrived and very predictable. The acting is pretty bad, but, then again, I don't think the actors and actresses were selected for their acting ability!

Aurea A (us) wrote: one of the best movies i have ever seen. it is an inspiration to see someone overcome some of the hardest challenges in teaching... great.happy teacher's day

Katarina B (de) wrote: That woman is not stong unless she plays the piano

Kart O (br) wrote: About two years ago someone gave this movie for me for free... til now it was lying around somewhere almost forgotten. I actually thought i will never watch it. Prejudices. Apparantly i really ran out of movies to see today.. I am pleasantly suprised, this movie was quite interesting. Entertaining through all the movie, with an extremely boring end. Set in Dublin, Kate Hudson's attempt of a Dublin accent was fun:P I think Townsend did a good job as a male lead, great choice. A movie worth seeing if ur into people's dark little secrets.

jay n (it) wrote: What a waste of a talented cast.

Adam L (es) wrote: Probably the best of the brain-themed horror films of the Cold War era.

Ricky P (br) wrote: It may not be certified as a classic in horror cinema but Final Destination is an original story with very clever deaths and riveting performances

max h (ca) wrote: The Crichton fan in me loves the concept and plot and overlooks the problems the plague the movie.