Lunch Box

Lunch Box

The owner of a Industrial Plant Maggie Dancer (Ava Cadell) invites her younger employees to her home then seduces them.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

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Lunch Box torrent reviews

Faisal A (ca) wrote: I liked it a bit more than 40 year old virgin and the acting was great.

tiffany h (ca) wrote: i love this movie alot!!!!

Hillary M (jp) wrote: I really liked this movie. Some may call it a chick flick...

David L (ca) wrote: This film feels very cheap, very predictable, and very much like a spin off from the Scream / I Know What You Did Last Summer era, but it's basically got all the characteristics of a good teen slasher - Broad range of characters, multiple suspects, plenty of over the top deaths, and a bit of cheap humour thrown in for good measure. Rather than the usual knife or hook killings though, it adds its own degree of originality by spicing the murder scenes up through the use of Urban Legends, some of which are quite inventive. Only problem is that despite beginning well, the tales begin to peter out the more we delve into the story, with what started off as credible drawn out deaths, soon being turned into quick stab and go killings. There are some familiar faces, many of whom are not new to this genre of movie, so they are all fairly accomplished at mastering the art of the 'oh god I'm gonna die soon' scream, but don't assume that all the famous ones live as this version mixes the rules up a bit. If I had to be critical of it, It would just be to reiterate that some of the Urban Legends are far too lame, and as mentioned earlier, it's almost like they forget to continue the trend that could have made this movie a tad innovative. We even get to the point where dead bodies turn up without even seeing them killed - that's a huge faux pas in a horror fans eyes! Continuity issues aside though, I've watched this flick a good few times to know that it has become quite a personal favourite. I'd definitely recommend this movie, as it's like the 90's cult classic that was seemingly overlooked, an appetiser for the more famous horrors, or just a poor mans alternative. No matter how you view it, it is still credible in its own right and had it been released in any other era, would have no doubt come to the forefront a little more than it has done here.

Kris A (br) wrote: I like this and understand it a lot better at 27 than when I first saw it when I was roughly 15...

Morgan W (de) wrote: not as good as you think it would be. why is it rated r?

Brandon S (nl) wrote: Fred Williamson owns Black Caesar from start to finish, and the action follows suit. The soundtrack is also exceptional which is done completely by James Brown. The direction is good but I think it's sub par for Larry Cohen, the supporting cast is what you'd expect from a early 70's blaxploitation film. The plot is on the other a great change of pace for the average gangster film and features a great finale.

Rob T (ca) wrote: A great movie so well directed and acted by Mr. Bardem

Lucas B (ca) wrote: One of my favorite Disney films of all time.

Ernest J (es) wrote: Well done film about an frightening time when people in the United States suffered total war that robbed them of homes and families. It is also about what happens to good people who are contually exposed to violence, anger, and fear. I was afraid this might somehow be a defense of the South and slavery, but the movie goes into the brutality of what it meant to be a slave, sexual abuse of black female slaves by their masters, and what it meant to earn freedom. Ultimately the three women find any illusion of master and slave falling away in the face of the need to survive. The three female lead actors are terrific, and Sam Worthington is great as the heartless Union soldier who is revealed to be more than we think he is. Sets and feeling for the era are very authentic, and the vulnerability of women left in a land devoid of their own men, and facing an irresistible invasion of male foes, enact an ironic defense at the end of the movie.