Lunch Meat

Lunch Meat

Six high school seniors on a camping trip are ambushed by killer rednecks who kill their victims and sell the remains to a local hamburger joint.

Six high school seniors on a camping trip are ambushed by killer rednecks who kill their victims & sell the remains to a local hamburger joint. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walker F (ru) wrote: I guess you could say it "Blue" me away

Itai B (us) wrote: A poem played into real life in this 50 minute tour de force piece of tv film.

Alexis L (ca) wrote: Yes!!!! more yugioh.

H Fernando A (nl) wrote: muy buena pelcula de thriller suave, muy fina y bien lograda en cuanto a los personajes. no hay qu hacerle, el cine francs tiene "per s" un glamour que muy pocas veces es igualado. vale la pena!

Eric G (es) wrote: some of the funniest men on the planet

Jeremy N (gb) wrote: This actually WAS the worst movie I watched all weekend. It's not even unintentionally funny like many bad movies. This one is just bad. Like smelly stinky horribly bad.

Sam V (es) wrote: Although it has little to do with the show, Project Alf is a very decent film. You'll get a chuckle or two out of it for sure.

Ashley K (gb) wrote: I find it incredibly interesting that Tennessee Williams wrote the screenplay for this movie. His hand is all over it and that's what makes it so good. At times, it's definitly over the top, but there are scenes with such raw emotion, they really grab you. Lois Nettleton does an excellent job, and Jane Fonda is just plain funny.Loved.

Austin G (mx) wrote: It's not the greatest Disney film ever, but 101 Dalmatians is a fun watch with the family.

Simon S (kr) wrote: The fact that this is even available to own is hilarious.

John R (it) wrote: 140320: This is a 3.5 pushing 4. What a pleasant surprise. My son wanted a new movie for Wednesday night pizza night and I found this DVD at Walmart for $5.00. Great investment. Lots of fun, action and adventure. Even had me near tears a couple times. I just loved it. Have never been a big fan of Anime so I didn't read the comic or watch the show. Knew well of Astro Boy but just never gave him a chance. Now wish I had. I'm surpised by the lower rating but believe this is a large part due to purists. I felt the same way about the X-Men. Enjoyed the films but wished they had stayed more true to the comic. So, if you're not a purist, you should have a great time.

Cameron H (br) wrote: Sure, Blazing Saddles is one of Mel Brooks' less politically correct movies, but he does an impressive job in replicating the classic Western aesthetic (no inside-reference-turned-pun intended) for an essential twist: What if our hero were black? That forward thinking quickly trumps accusations of a racist agenda, not to mention that this is a spoof movie. Oddly enough, the film's greatest weaknesses are found in the jokes and the acting. When the movie hits, it's with flying colours. For example, *SPOILERS(?)* when the roughest thugs in the Wild West invade a movie studio of relatively scrawny, effeminate male dancers, an all-out brawl turns into a place of reconciliation. It's endearing, and quite funny. Mel Brooks clearly loves Looney Tunes, even using the closing credits theme after one gag. I might argue that this movie is equally an ode to Looney Tunes as it is to classic Westerns, with the edge of addressing contemporary racism (in a tongue in cheek fashion, to clarify).However, Looney Tunes had its flaws. Mel Brooks seems to try to replicate those flaws as well. The cabaret number from Lili Von Shtupp (Madeline Kahn), about how tired she is, is, ahem, tiresome. Actual cabaret is much funnier. Even more confusing is the scene that follows, when she tries to seduce Sheriff Bart (Cleavon Little) for the evil plot of Helen Lamar (Harvey Korman, and that's HEDLEY). I have no idea when her intentions changed from seducing evilly to genuinely, but when we next see her, we are to assume she is on the side of Bart. Gene Wilder, Mel Brooks, and Harvey Korman are all pretty funny, as their lines were practically written for them. Cleavon Little, however, is unfairly disadvantaged by not being Richard Pryor, incidentally one of the screenwriters for Blazing Saddles. Little does his best, and strikes gold when he can bring the stage to the screen, particularly in cartoonish moments like holding himself hostage so others withdraw guns from his face. Still, certain lines of his feel heavily indebted to the unique delivery of Pryor. Additionally, the sex and fart jokes have not aged very well. Hanging a horse rider AND his horse, on the other hand? Awesome. Segregation of carriage circles, when being raided by Native Americans? Splendid. I would watch Blazing Saddles again, though I am not blameless, if I would ever prefer to watch isolated clips from the movie.

Dan P (au) wrote: Boring, and contrived of situations not likely to ever happen; disturbing plot line and overly sexual in nature. Good performances of Clive Owen in particular, but all were excellent, with Roberts and Law in their branded characterizations.

Gary C (ca) wrote: John Ford was responsible for many of the best westerns ever made, but this tedious frontier soap opera is certainly not one of them. Henry Fonda plays a frontier farmer caught up in the war of Independence with new wife Claudette Colbert, a pairing that is of course always watchable, but the story relies far too much on melodrama and frankly bores. Highlights include Fonda's hollow-eyed and shellshocked account of his first battle (which happens off-screen) and Edna May Oliver's cantankerous old broad, and it does pick up a little at the end during the seige of a fort, but it's far too little too late. Add to this the fact that the patriotic climax in which the newly created stars and stripes is raised to signify victory over the English to the strains of "God save the King" and I couldn't help thinking that Ford must've been asleep at the wheel for this one...