Lung foo chuk gang II

Lung foo chuk gang II


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:English,Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   gunfight,   gun,  

Lam, a cop approaching 40 but without much accomplishment, always wants to achieve something memorable before his retirement. He is obliged by his sister to find a decent Chinese girl for his nephew, Baffalo, who is an "American Born Chinese". But Baffalo has an eye for a sweetie, Ellen, who has accidentally witnessed a murder. The incident gets Lam, Baffalo and Ellen being involved in a ruthless underground arms smuggling ring, wich sends the killer to eliminate them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lung foo chuk gang II torrent reviews

Justin J (gb) wrote: Lovely movie and not so cliche.

(es) wrote: vidya balan n akshay kumar were just superb tho' i havent seen d original movie in question!

Brett A (ag) wrote: It is really dated now in terms of hackers etc. But back before we knew much about the hacking world this was a really good movie - well acted and an interesting bunch of turnaround.

Monjit B (br) wrote: That was a rockstar disappointment!!!

Tanner M (mx) wrote: It's impossible not to love this movie. If you don't love it then you are not a horror fan. This was the birth of slasher horror movies. With an amazing cast, and a tremendous set Alfred Hitchcock deffinetly went all out in this movie.

Gregory W (nl) wrote: good creepy thriller here with lots of double crosses as a kidmnapping goes south

Adam P (nl) wrote: When you rip off the Wizard of Oz in one of the death scenes, you know you don't have a good horror movie.

Eric S (nl) wrote: Taut medical thriller. Could have very well served as the blueprint for OUTBREAK and 28 DAYS LATER.

Rachel S (kr) wrote: might possibly be good.

Little B (gb) wrote: An epic western that despite his age is always engaging and interesting in the story as well as in the atmosphere and characters. Stunning direction and photography make it one of the best american westerns ever.

Bruce B (ca) wrote: Film Noir at its Best.

Mickey B (ca) wrote: Just watched this movie again and it's so amazing, particularly looking at the impact of it, how good it still looks! You can see how this movie led to ET later on, and Richard Dreyfuss is just awesome in this!! That tune has always stayed with me and I will still go to Devil's Tower one day!!

Andy G (kr) wrote: The only reason I'm giving it two stars is because I like pugs. The movie the story line wasn't very good, probably never see it again.

Gary B (nl) wrote: The mustache that won the west.. This is a good western. I think it's almost mandatory to see this. Once you start down the western road..

David F (nl) wrote: Despite the cast featuring both Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins, Misconduct fails to be anything more than a B-movie. The plot is poorly conceived, and the twists are so ridiculous that by the end anything is possible. Even the initial action, an ex-girlfriend pops up out of the blue and offers the main character a legal scoop beyond all imagination, is beyond belief.