Lupe: A Seaman's Wife

Lupe: A Seaman's Wife

Lupe ( Andrea del Rosario) and Manolo (Leandro Munoz) are a young couple whose marriage life is about to undergo a drastic change when Manolo leaves for another country. Left all alone ...

Lupe ( Andrea del Rosario) and Manolo (Leandro Munoz) are a young couple whose marriage life is about to undergo a drastic change when Manolo leaves for another country. Left all alone ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos Z (de) wrote: Cute movie about friendship

open 7 (ru) wrote: The name of the Film is Extraction. The camera work is lets say a bit shaky, every frame wobbles as if the camera is aboard a cruise ship in a choppy sea. It goes left, right up and .. well you get it.If you get past this flaw you will find a compelling film with crisp visuals and strong actors that as the blurb says reminds you of inception and "source code" with aspects of memento. Very watchable and throws emotions and twists at you. Dont let the low budget tag of the film put you off. This one is up there with the rest. All the characters are well acted and believable and the story is pretty good. The hallmark of a film with lots of potential.

Cinara Bianca O (au) wrote: Quem disse que o azar no traz sorte!? Dei boas risadas neste filme, recomendo!

Crane S (br) wrote: Surprisingly solid entry in a straight-to-video caliber action/sci-fi franchise. The original was done by Roland "Independence Day" Emmerich while this one appears to have been made by David Lynch on anabolic steroids. It's that good. Also Scott Adkins is my new mancrush.

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Jeff P (kr) wrote: I really enjoyed it. thanks to my daughter for putting it on.

David M (ag) wrote: Funniest Comedy Alive right now

jain s (ag) wrote: i saw this and cant wait to see it again,cool

Alma R (it) wrote: Damn hilarious!!! Cleverly put together!

Roy C (ru) wrote: A puerile attempt at copying Freaks.

MEC r (es) wrote: I did not really like this movie.

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Scott C (ag) wrote: Not without its problems, but an intriguing late 60s black comedy. I think it would have been more interesting if it didn't cast Anthony Perkins (too easily cashing in on his role from Psycho).

Kelsey S (es) wrote: Don't like the lead couple.

francois b (es) wrote: They don't do action movie like that anymore... The scenario is not great but the action is there and so real that you feel bad for the actor.

Tyler D (us) wrote: From the slow motion action shots to the numerous plot holes this movie was consistently bad. My dad and I got a kick out of it although it wasn't a comedy. I don't recommend watching this movie unless you enjoy watching bad movies for entertainment.

Brian B (fr) wrote: Fair movie. Enough said.