Lupin III: Elusiveness of the Fog

Lupin III: Elusiveness of the Fog

35 years after the encounter of Mamo Kyosuke.

35 years after the encounter of Mamo Kyosuke. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lupin III: Elusiveness of the Fog torrent reviews

Meng San L (br) wrote: This gets u up close to the destitution, desperation and helplessness of civilians left behind by war and worsen by famine and corrupt government. Watch it. You'll appreciate the plight of (genuine) refugees.

Adam T (ca) wrote: Clark Greig! enough said.... :)

Kelley B (de) wrote: I think this movie, just by seeing commercials, ruins Save The Last Dance doesn't compare at all.. Save The Last Dance is MUCH better, I think this is a mockery of it.

Sam S (fr) wrote: I LOVED this movie when I was eight, but after watching as an adult the acting is terrible, the story line has all sorts of holes, and the boy crazy moments are just plain annoying.

Daniel G (ru) wrote: the cast is top notch and there's enough serious emotional revelations to raise the film above drek, but that doesn't give enough justification for the harsh and unpleasant experience of watching these two addicts ruin their lives. And besides that, the ugly, nightmarish situations they face didn't reflect any kind of realistic turn of events that i expect in a character study, which makes it all cheap and manipulative. I expected alot more

jason m (au) wrote: not entirely historically accurate and they could have made better choices with some to the roles but it's not as bad as some other mob movies i could name.

Hillary D (jp) wrote: jerry lewis was a sick twisted wierdo who married his cousin (twice removed)...

Jack G (it) wrote: As far as bad end-of-Cold-War right-wing propaganda movies produced by Jack Abramoff goes... it's not a failure. But it isn't as balls-to-the-wall crazy that it should be. Best parts include Dolph Lundgren lifting up a tank and in general being a superhero, and lots of shit blowing up at the climax.

Femi R (ag) wrote: This movie was very...different. Not quite what i expected at all. Nevertheless, it was very interesting and funny at odd times. I'm a big fan of Rachel Weiss & love almost every one of her movies. You might need to be a little patient to watch this, as it starts of seemingly boring, but gets more and more interesting. The final 20 minutes were especially great!

Aaron G (ca) wrote: A superbly-made action movie with a lot to say.

Seth M (au) wrote: Not in the other worldly great stratosphere like some of his others but still very good. Darkly comedic and technically stylish, Frenzy shows Hitchcock in his element for the last time.

Michal Z (ca) wrote: A bleak Boston tale in which primal, traditional values triumph over justice. Family and survival are deeply ingrained in the society which would rather sweep matters under the rug than to admit something is rotten. Eastwood drives multiple plotlines to a tense climax and incredibly thematically dense final scene. Sometimes too overt (I blame oldschool Eastwood) but ultimately very nihilistic and grounded depiction of the dynamics between old friends in the face of a gruesome murder.

Shae S (kr) wrote: So, so funny. The Hanson brothers are amazing.

Jillian S (jp) wrote: One of my favorite westerns!

Julien G (fr) wrote: Beaucoup de choses a dire sur ce remake. Troublant.