Lupin the Third: The Secret of Mamo

Lupin the Third: The Secret of Mamo

In Transylvania, Lupin III, the notorious international thief, is hung and no one is more suprised to learn of that than Lupin III himself, who was alive and well and nowhere near that area at that time. The answer to that mystery, begins to surface when Lupin gets a seemingly ordinary pebble from an Egyptian pyramid for his would-be girlfriend, Fujiko, the mercenary thief, who is in the employ of a mysterious figure known only as Mamo. Intrigued by this bizarre request, Lupin decides to get involved and finds himself in an international chase that has a greater scope and danger than he has ever faced.

Lupin risks death to learn the secret and intentions of a wealthy and seemingly immortal, but certainly ruthless, recluse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rudy H (br) wrote: My daughter wanted to see it

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Rachel F (ag) wrote: Quite the crew but even with all the talent they just could not hit their marks.

Ethan B (es) wrote: Looking back on this movie, it holds up really well. It may have been deemed mediocre in 1999, but in 2014 it's better than many similar films we get nowadays. It narrates itself well through a plot which is, in fact, quite intricate and could have been complicated if executed incorrectly. Fortunately, it moves briskly along the plot points and never leaves us confused or anxious. The only criticism I have with this film is the speed at which Sebastian and Annette fall in love with each other. It's almost too quick to be believable. It's not obvious, but for the over analyzer, like myself, it seems odd. Nonetheless, you can't get mad at this movie because of its alacrity--otherwise it would have been likely to be weighed down by unnecessary scenes. The ending was a little too "big" for the tone of the film, but I didn't hate it. You want to see Kathryn get what's coming to her, and she does. However, it would have been more effective and believable if it turned out that Sebastian was really alive in the end, driving away with Annette. The acting is impressive and it's fun to look at. Cruel Intentions lives up to its name in the best way possible.Twizard Rating: 90

Justin H (es) wrote: this movie is hilarious..and i love it

Daniel P (nl) wrote: Not as good as some of his other films I've watched, but when the bar is set so high with Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein and History of the world part 1, that's hard to beat.

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Timothy M (nl) wrote: Good, but it doesn't really deserve its reputation. In fact, it never really has any energy until the last 20 minutes. The rest of the film is just the usual John Ford tomfoolery, with what seems like his [i]entire[/i] stock company milling about and goofing off. The only really worthwhile turn of the bunch (apart from Ward Bond, who is solid), is Henry Fonda, who is really terrific as the prickly and arrogant Thursday. The end is quite good - a bit of a twist to Ford's usual admiration and defense of The Lie.

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