A woman helps the police catch the serial killer who murdered her best friend.

A serial killer in London is murdering young women whom he meets through the personal columns of newspapers; he announces each of his murders to the police by sending them a cryptic poem. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lured torrent reviews

Gina W (it) wrote: Little overdone on the substance abuse but thats every cop movie. I liked it a lot. Had decent mix of drama and humor. Was slightly confusing at times though.

Noah P (gb) wrote: One of the most skillfully crafted concert films of all time, Shine a Light finds that the senior aged Stones are tighter than ever, and Mick Jagger somehow maintains an energy that would be shocking in a twenty year old. Better still, the setlist actually includes deep cuts from Exile on Main St., and Undercover. Also worth watching for- Jack White's guest appearance.

Gabriel L (br) wrote: Man, I want to see this so bad!

E L (fr) wrote: Not a bad thriller, although the anti-Japanese sentiment is a bit alarmist.

Justin R (ru) wrote: Entertaining enough to keep interest all the way through. The ending is very good too. Whoopi Goldberg is very good.

Sean O (ag) wrote: Magnificent! Another delightful film by Itami, who seems to convert the most pedestrian topics (food and sex in Tampopo, sex and tax evasion in Marusa no Onna, etc.) into riveting, hilarious, compelling stories.

Justin F (ag) wrote: It's amazing how Bava -- what with his primitive/amateur editing techniques, cheap-ass stage sets and utterly careless approach to continuity (both narrative and in regards to something simple, like wardrobe) -- can more accurately capture the illogical/surreal/non-linear nature of the dream-zone than any CGI bullshit like 'Inception.'

Martin T (ru) wrote: The highlight is the mind-blowing photography. Shot after shot after shot is magnificent, impressive, beautiful and perfect. It doesn't have the emotional impact of The Cranes Are Flying (whose star, Tatyana Samojlova, is here again, looking radiant as ever), but it's a gripping, pulse-pounding tale. It's also thankfully pretty light on the propoganda, unlike Kalatozov's most famous movie I Am Cuba. Chalk up one more masterpiece whose absence on DVD is a crime.

Shirley M (jp) wrote: Saw it before and really love her movies

Clayton F (mx) wrote: 2 opciones miles caminos

Mohammed A (br) wrote: It's good movie to watch