An irreverent and refreshing take on the queer world of sex, lust and unrequited love. Lanky, blue haired Jackson, record store employee and poet, is in love with most of the men in his life! A refreshing departure from the typical gay love story, LUSTER is a raw and darkly comic look at young punks in love.

Luster is a refreshingly funny and sexy look at unrequited love. Jackson, a cute, lanky, blue-haired poet who works in a record store, is at the center of Everett Lewis' twisted black LA ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris W (fr) wrote: Just watched this movie on iTunes it is AWESOME great VFX and lots of scares. Highly recommend watching this over halloween

anders k (au) wrote: Funny for a non religious person

Alex L (us) wrote: It has some interesting facts, but it's not nearly as compelling as it should be

Crys L (br) wrote: Turned out to be a very funny movie.

Kade C (au) wrote: About as enjoyable as Iron Man 2, just a bit slower in pace, and involves a weaker villain. It still contains enjoyable sequences like every Iron Man film, but is undoubtedly the weakest of the Iron Man trilogy.

steve c (ru) wrote: inspirational camcorder documentary. from dinosaur hunting in the congo to nosebleed painting, choe is a strange and immensely talented knucklehead from LA's k-town.

Roland M (kr) wrote: For those who claimed it's original, clearly haven't seen Deja Vu (2006) or even Groundhog Day (1993). Although, this one was an enjoyable ride. Most of the moments, felt tense and engaging. Combined with a main character that looked convincing, with enough food for the mind to not only keep your mind from being slightly bent, but also entertained throughout the whole journey. it also has some flaws in some moments and characters that are so tolerable, most people might not even notice. It deserves the score it has now, So don't worry.

Michael S (ag) wrote: unfortunately, this was far too silly to really take seriously. not bad though.

Dan M (mx) wrote: ? ?? ???????, ???? ?????. ???? ?? ??? ????? ??????? ????? ????????? ???? ??? ???? ?????? ? ????? ??????.

Kevin R (ca) wrote: Better dead than alone.Lestat has become a rock super star and let out the secret, publically, that vampires do exist and he is one. His message and fame has awoken the Queen of all Vampires who wishes to help Lestat and give him eternal happiness. Lestat does not reciprocate the feelings further putting his existence at risk. "Your kind never satisfy my thirst."Michael Rymer, director of In Too Deep, Perfume, Allie & Me, Angel Baby, and episodes from the television series Battlestar Galactica, American Horror Story, and Hannibal delivers Queen of the Damned. The storyline for this picture is very disappointed, poorly written and presented, and conceptually disappointing. The acting is also fairly weak and the cast includes Aaliyah, Stuart Townsend, Vincent Perez, Lena Olin, and Bruce Spence. "It's time to share myself with you all!"I came across this on HBOGO and had never seen it because I had always heard how terrible it was. Well, it is terrible. There isn't much here in terms of story, characters, or horror elements worth following. Pretty much everything about this film is bad. I'd skip this."Tell me more about me."Grade: D

Helio A (de) wrote: la igualdad de los derechos, la busqueda por un trato justo. Creo que la pelicula, dividida en sus tres episodios, ofrecen otras perspectivas de las llamadas realidades. Creo que es una excelente pelicula para reflexionar y pensar en las otras y los otros que no comparten nuestras mismas preferencias. Las historias llegan, particularmente la primera de las dos

Charlie P (nl) wrote: I'm actually shocked at how low the critics scored it, but the audience score is the real barometer of this film's genius. Roberto may not be everyone's cup of tea, & I'll say this as someone who scored this 5 stars; it's by far my favourite film of his. I don't think anything of his, including Life is Beautiful, even comes close. This film is pitch perfect. The writing is tight, the direction is lean & deft, & the performance is a tour de force. The film is sweet, side-splittingly hilarious, & so very Italian. But as Italian as it is, it's also perfectly universal in the same vein as a silent Chaplin or Keaton film. Benigni was the heir to the throne of physical comedy, from those silent greats. And not in the same way Jerry Lewis was, which, in my opinion, was tragically goofy & unpalatable, in that 1960's sort of way. Lewis' work does not age, Roberto's ages perfectly. I will make this one concession; it is a specific type of humour, & if it ain't yours, you just might not be on board. But if it's in your vein, it will be a treasured classic. For me, it's perfect, & certainly one of my top 10.

Ken S (mx) wrote: When Coppola decided to adapt S.E. Hinton's novel "The Outsiders" he decided to also adapt Hinton's novel "Rumble Fish", using much of the same cast and crew. I think Coppola made "The Outsiders" because it was a more popular book and he had some debts to repay, but he made "Rumble Fish" because he genuinely liked the book more, and his interest in adapting that book made for a better film. This is a step up from his work on the first Hinton adaptation. Coppola gave it this wonderful black and white look, and the story is told in an almost experimental way. I think Dillon isn't the greatest actor in the world, but his performance is decent. A cool and unique film about teen angst that works in a really artsy way.

Patrick Y (jp) wrote: Interesting French thriller, with Jean Paul Belmondo!

Zack B (jp) wrote: One of the best B movies I've seen, and that's saying a lot.

Isaac H (mx) wrote: This was pretty funny!

Yeah A (gb) wrote: This is one of my favorite movies! Funny and it's a perfect sports movie! #lacrosse

Augustine H (it) wrote: You can expect much from Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. Appalling twists.

Anthony T (ru) wrote: Person 1: I don't know, I like it but "Pretty, Pretty Princesses, Gargoyles and Demons" needs a hook. Otherwise we'll never get an audience.Person 2: I got it! How about instead of Sarah, we replace her with...Frankenstein's Monster!?!Person 1: Love it! OMG! And we can just call it "I, Frankenstein" instead!Person 2: :-oPerson 1: :-OPerson 2: :-OPerson 1: :-DPerson 2: :-))I'm pretty sure that's how this movie came about...roughly. Kinda neat though.

Tom G (de) wrote: What a bloody mess. I only watched it because it was shown on a Tanzanian bus.