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Beth W (fr) wrote: This is my favorite Fred movie! Still idiotic but all the OTHERS in the film did a great job. The "new bertha" did much better than Jeanette mccruddy or whatever her name is(Sam from icarly). There was much more of a plot this time and you didn't feel the immediate need to place Fred on suicide watch and call the guys with the rubber suits. Also- no screaming and drunken mom actually almost got some. John Cena was great-" You're gonna drink so much of that warm, gooey blood that you'll taste like a doctor and smell like a dentist...or is it taste like a dentist..."

Mitchell B (kr) wrote: Even better than the first one, this movie does an excellent job in telling the tragic story of Gwen Stacy's death.

Valeria P (ag) wrote: Loved this short (60min) animated film about a cat's secret life in Paris. It'll keep adults and kids entertained. The music is wonderful and the art beautiful.

Nathan C (de) wrote: No No No No No No No No No No No No, 34% is far too low for me enjoying!At First I Thought this was directed by Michael Bay but i forgot this was not a film by his, I Keep saying that a famous director directing movies and turning out better than expected, Peter Berg was the director of this movie, What I Really Love about this movie is Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson and Rhianna, She's really badass for actress after becoming a singer in the UK, I'm surprising to say that The Effects and Stunts were awesome to watch and one of the best parts of the movie is one character has robot legs!Score: 8/10

Sawant S (kr) wrote: Superb stars wasted in what could have been a good movie! It was total disappointment ... apart from the art direction and the magnanimous sets and locales. The plot was badly developed ... the characters were poorly built up. The actors performed well though ... but the movie turned out below par.

Cilla B (gb) wrote: This movie is interesting and Romain Duris is brilliant as the depressed Paul but even one and a half hour feels too long for such a depressing movie. It really needs a bit more laughter.

Fanny T (gb) wrote: I really don't know why so many people disliked this movie. I honestly LOVED it!

Ethan P (jp) wrote: Whatever Being John Malkovich is, it is created with an incredible amount of imagination, wit and depth. Some parts of it are hard to grasp and it is very entertaining, but also frightening to see so many willing to lose their identity to someone else.

Jamison R (ru) wrote: Pretty faithful remake of Heathers, minus the charm that made the dark material work.

R R (kr) wrote: I really hate Tai Seng!

Luc T (es) wrote: I watch it every July 4th. It gets boring at some parts, but overall, it's a great movie!

Krystle C (ru) wrote: Antonioni's films aren't the most accessible, and in that respect, Story of a Love Affair with its genre-film machinations and linear plot is a lot easier to get into than, say, L'Eclisse (which I've never finished watching, but I want to). It's not an art film, by any means, affecting a noir-ish plot and a relatively faster pace than your typical arty movie. Some over-the-top acting (I thought) by Lucia Bos as miserable socialite Paola Fontana also makes this movie a lot less high-falutin.That isn't to say that this is your typical genre film, though. Although the aesthetic didn't appeal much to me personally, there are some very attractive shots of the sensual from-the-back variety that made me stop and think. I also really liked the opening shot of the polaroids of Paola being tossed onto a table, showing us a quick into a girl's life as she grows up. I guess I don't "get" Antonioni, because at first blush I didn't see that much to look at in this film.Where the movie is most interesting is in its examination of Paola and Guido's sad lives through their desperate relationship with each other, most notably in the scene where they talk about their happiness and then in an instance realize that their joy is a shallow and empty one. Antonioni doesn't play their misery for melodrama; he doesn't have any lingering shots of Paola or Guido sitting and staring and obviously feeling sorry for themselves. But their conversations reveal their insecurities and failure to grasp fulfillment despite material comfort and "love."I thought it was also interesting how it looked like Paola's husband's suspicions of her infidelity actually drove her towards reuniting with Guido, since Paola and Guido have no contact until after the detectives are hired, and Guido only comes to warn her that someone is looking into her past. Nevertheless, that detective thread doesn't really go anywhere, even to the climax.Still, though, it's kind of a boring movie, and I found Paola's flouncing and hysteria a bit annoying. On the other hand, I enjoyed the character of Guido much more because he seemed more realistic and moderate to me, struggling with his emotions and commitments and the fact that he's not happy despite being with the woman he desires.I found the rest of the movie a bit of a mess, and the music is God-awful, that's for sure, completely ruining the tone of the movie.Meh. Not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination, and doesn't convince me that I could be an Antonioni fan.

Allan C (fr) wrote: I seem to remember reading that this film was a favorite of Jean-Luc Godard. In this non-typical film noir, George Raft plays a ship captain investigating the murder of his sea captain father. Stylishly directed by Edwin L. Marin, which is name I've never really taken note of, although he'd did direct a few entertaining films I'd seen, including "Tall in the Saddle" and "Mr. Ace". Raft has gives another of his usual wooden performances, which is good if you like Raft. It's not a classic noir, but it's pretty darn good.

jay n (es) wrote: Really fine acting from all but how could the academy justify giving Kidman a Best Actress Oscar for her contribution here. At best she's supporting and both Streep and Moore are better than she is.

Tom V (gb) wrote: An intense survival flick with intense action and an engaging story. It does take a few missteps but it has a surprisingly high replay value!

Rodrigo S (mx) wrote: Magneto, Gandalf y ahora Sherlock. Ian McKellen es maravilloso.